Interactive stories have long captivated audiences, with books, DVD games and Choose Your Own Adventure CDs entertaining individuals for many years. One of the most popular mediums for this genre is the world of cinema, as viewers are presented with many tantalizing possibilities through a series of short videos.

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These hugely exciting adventures put the audience inside the mind of the main character, as they choose the path the heroic protagonist should take. Some of the best examples of these interactive films can be found on various online platforms, such as YouTube and Eko, with professional and amateur creators offering their own unique takes on this exciting storytelling style.



The computer programmer guides viewers through Quest.

Quest scenarios are a common theme in many interactive movies, and Cinemattox’s “Choose Your Own Adventure” story offers its own unique take on this popular type of plot. Entitled Quest, This really new video can be found on YouTube and sees viewers take on the role of a game tester, helping a computer programmer try out his new virtual reality game.

Quest presents the audience with a varied mix of paths, as they are thrown into several random scenarios, such as a death dance and attempted robbery at gunpoint. Cinemattox’s unusual storyline also has a gripping fantasy side to it at its heart, with viewers taken through a maze and forced to confront the infamous witch Riselle, who plans to end the player’s life.

Super Mario Interactive Adventure

Mario and Luigi watch in horror as Bowser kidnaps Princess Peach.

the Super Mario franchise has been responsible for some of the best games, which have inspired numerous film and television adaptations over the years. One of the weirdest plumber businesses is in the Drcoolsex YouTube movie Super Mario Interactive Adventure, which features Mario and Luigi teaming up once again to rescue Princess Peach from Bowser’s evil clutches.

This wild and entertaining interactive story offers a sillier take on the traditional mario story, as viewers guide the plumbers on their journey to save the princess. Players are faced with various bizarre storylines along the way, which introduce these iconic gaming characters in ways never seen before. Meanwhile, incorrect choices can lead to the disappearance of residents of the Mushroom Kingdom, such as Yoshi, Mario’s faithful dinosaur, adding real dramatic stakes to this animated adventure.

YouTube RPG

The shopkeeper presents viewers with various items for their quest in YouTube RPG.

The RPG genre has produced some of the most popular video game franchises, and this particularly iconic style of gaming has received its own adaptation as an interactive movie. Available on YouTube, John J Salmone YouTube RPG transports audiences into the eyes of an unnamed hero, who is tasked with rescuing a princess after waking up from a strange dream.

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This enjoyable quest storyline contains many amusing references to video game RPGs, with viewers being greeted with an 8-bit title screen and a mysterious blue crystal. The interactive journey also breaks the fourth wall to fun effect, as players meet the computer programmer responsible for the role-playing adventure.

Doctor Who: Attack of the Graske

The Doctor brandishes his sonic screwdriver outside the TARDIS as he encounters the menacing Graske.

As Britain’s longest running science fiction series, Doctor Who has gone through many different storytelling avenues over the years. One of the quirky family drama’s most successful narrative adventures is ‘Attack Of The Graske’, which was released as an interactive story both on the BBC’s Red Button and online. Doctor Who website. This celebratory alien short follows David Tennant’s Tenth Doctor – considered by many to be the best Doctor – as he calls on the viewer to track down the devious Graske.

This dramatic plot lets viewers experience life as the Doctor’s faithful companion, with the legendary Time Lord tasking audiences with piloting the TARDIS and locating the mischievous Graske in Victorian London. Through the Doctor’s audience interactions, “Attack Of The Graske” offers a truly immersive journey, as players help defeat the eccentric time traveler’s last enemy.

it was the devil

Zachary gives a fearful look at the camera in T'was The Devil.

Folk tales have formed the basis of some of the world’s greatest stories, with audiences often intrigued by these historical legends. Filmmaker Mark Garvey delivered a particularly deep and profound portrayal of these folklores, in his YouTube video It was the Devil which involves viewers taking on the role of Zachary, as he encounters a variety of eccentric individuals on his journey to bury his dead wife.

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Mark Garvey’s interactive film is a gorgeous and stylistic entry into the choose-your-own-adventure genre, with striking black-and-white cinematography that results in some truly vivid images. Additionally, the film contains an addictively mysterious tone, as the viewer guides Zachary through a dark and twisted tale set during the witch trials of 18th century England.

Murder on Twelfth Night

A colorful cast of Shakespearean characters gather on the night of William Shakespeare's murder.

Shakespeare’s works have been adapted many times, with the film medium providing some of the best adaptations. Release scheduled for April 15 via the NSDF Hub, Murder on Twelfth Night presents a particularly unusual take on the writer’s famous plays, as Shakespeare’s creations are believed to have murdered the playwright.

Murder on Twelfth Night promises an intriguing murder mystery story, with viewers tasked with solving Shakespeare’s murder. This interactive offering from NSDF features an impressive collection of the playwright’s characters, including Macbeth, Romeo and Juliet, as viewers witness meeting these beloved characters for the first time.

The time machine

Chad, Matt and Rob are surprised by the arrival of government agents in The Time Machine.

Time travel has proven to be a tantalizing prospect for many viewers, with audiences enthralled by the many possibilities offered by this amazing form of transportation. Chad, Matt and Rob’s interactive YouTube adventure, dubbed The time machine, puts a humorous twist on this sci-fi concept, with the clumsy trio discovering a time-traveling trash can in their office.

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Chad, Matt and Rob’s time travel delivers a wacky sci-fi short as viewers are challenged to guide co-workers safely through past and future environments. Their antics see them encounter several dangerous threats, such as zombies and shady government agents, as they attempt to return to the present in time for their office meeting.

Black Mirror: Bandersnatch

Netflix has become home to many interactive adventures over the past few years, with films such as you vs savage and Minecraft: History Fashion, giving audiences complete control over these big-budget narratives. One of their most successful explorations of this beloved genre is the black mirror episode “Bandersnatch”, which involves viewers assuming the role of computer programmer Stefan Butler, as he attempts to adapt the fantasy playbook “Bandersnatch” into a video game.

The resulting episode presents audiences with a truly experimental piece of television, with Stefan’s journey of self-discovery leading into a deep, layered storyline. “Bandersnatch” is a thought-provoking take on the streaming giant, with many branching paths for audiences to explore, including one that sees Stefan discover that his whole life has been one elaborate television program. The episode also features plenty of fun references to the show’s history, with fans excited to witness such strong ties to the show’s past.

Secret agent

The titular secret agent is briefed on his mission on his plane.

Animation has been responsible for some of the most imaginative storylines, with its truly limitless potential allowing filmmakers to demonstrate their full creative potential. The interactive cartoon by Joe Klein and Dan Reiley, Secret agent, is a good example of the strong possibilities of the animated medium. Available on Eko, this story places viewers in the shoes of a secret agent, who has been sent on a top-secret mission to destroy a sensitive computer.

Joe Klein and Dan Reiley’s animation is a bold and witty creation, with the sarcastic spy encountering three-headed mutant pigs and engaging in knife fights with troubled individuals. The creators of the video show a great sense of humor, as the secret agent cracks jokes about last-minute briefings and accidentally destroys the Eiffel Tower. It’s a hilarious take on Joe Klein and Dan Reiley, showcasing the couple’s excellent creative talents.

Black hole

YouTube host Greg Kestin falls into a black hole.

The world of science is home to many fascinating facts, which help explain some of the weirdest features of the universe. from YouTube What is physics? ! presents particularly interesting information in their interactive adventure, titled Black hole, which explores the scientific principles behind the mysterious black holes of the cosmos.

Hosted by science expert Greg Kestin, this educational video offers engaging details about quantum mechanics and general relativity in a fun and engaging way. Viewers are invited to experience jumping into a black hole and also have the option of pushing Greg into this most dangerous corner of space, giving audiences a playful learning jaunt.

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