PWG has made a strong impact as one of the biggest wrestling promotions in the world. The California-based independent promotion has been around for over two decades now. Many of the best wrestlers in the world have worked there in the past or still appear these days with a tighter schedule.

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There are quite a few interesting things to note when looking at the company’s changes over the years. Wrestling is a tough money-making business if the promotion doesn’t have a TV deal. PWG is the anomaly that didn’t want to grow up touring or have anything resembling a television presence. The following interesting facts about PWG will make fans appreciate the company more.


ten Super Dragon runs the show

Indie wrestling legend Super Dragon is the primary decision-maker for PWG today after a few changes over the years. The early years of PWG saw several wrestlers have an ownership claim with Joey Ryan, Excalibur and the Young Bucks all having stakes at some point.

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Super Dragon has always been involved and seen as the primary culprit, but he is now the only one in that role. The Young Bucks move on to bigger things and Ryan becomes a polarizing figure before his accusations see Dragon alone as the company grows in popularity.

9 Was first considered the West Coast ROH

The world of wrestling was dramatically different when PWG debuted in 2003. TNA hoped to become a viable second big business, but the market took a huge hit after WCW and ECW shut down within months.

Ring of Honor started getting buzz online from die-hard fans, and PWG had the same appeal. Many new young workers like Bryan Danielson, CM Punk, AJ Styles and Samoa Joe fought for both companies. ROH was the biggest promotion, but PWG had a reputation as the West Coast’s version for the talent there.

8 Still uses the old school DVD business model

Many fans on social media are expressing a desire to see the PWG live stream or at least have a faster VOD version. PWG’s current business model is the same one it has used since the beginning, with DVD sales being their main source of income.

DVDs are pretty outdated today, but there’s still a strong fan base that will buy this or the Blu Ray form with shows released a month or two later. PWG has a delayed streaming deal with Highspots that will see shows added a few months after the DVD release.

seven Michael Elgin got in trouble for losing a game

Michael Elgin has become a controversial figure in wrestling after various negative stories about him surfaced. The most recent example of this featured Elgin’s arrest while on tour in Japan for stealing protein powder from a store.

One of the first stories of Elgin becoming a controversial name was during his PWG career. Elgin lost a match to Trevor Lee aka Cameron Grimes without Ring of Honor’s approval during his tenure as ROH World Champion. ROH was livid about it and barred contracted talent from working at PWG for a short time.

6 Make tournaments a bigger part of the business

Wrestling fans often complained about the lack of wrestling tournaments when WWE stopped doing the King of the Ring tournament as an annual thing. AEW and WWE each hold tournaments a little more often these days, but that was a lost art in the 2000s.

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PWG incorporated the tournament concept into its annual shows with fans often looking forward to them. The Battle of Los Angeles is a multi-day tournament with many future big stars winning the trophy. Even the beacon division has thrived with epic tournaments for their DDT4 shows.

5 WWE has often sent William Regal to recruit talent

PWG has become a huge source for WWE to find talent in the free agent market. William Regal’s time as a head scout for WWE featured several stories of him traveling to California to watch PWG shows. Regal’s passion for wrestling has seen him follow the independents as a wrestler to facilitate this change.

Names like Kevin Owens, Ricochet, Adam Cole and Johnny Gargano credit Regal’s time watching their matches for WWE contract offers. Fans even had fun every time they slightly caught a glimpse of Regal peeking behind the entrance area.

4 Dave Meltzer attended shows writing notes

Another interesting name to often attend PWG shows is wrestling reporter Dave Meltzer. Most fans know Meltzer for online reports or match reviews that lead to his infamous star ratings. Meltzer started attending shows in the 2010s as the place was close to him.

Fans shared stories and photos of Meltzer writing notes in his notebook about each game. Wrestlers began playing him with the Young Bucks investing the Meltzer Driver finisher and fans chanting “that was five stars” in matches they thought were awesome.

3 Saved Kevin Owens when he left ROH

Kevin Owens is one of WWE’s most impressive talents because he can talk and wrestle big matches. Owens’ career almost ended long before he got to WWE. Jim Cornette not being a fan of Owens led to him being sent home as part of a Ring of Honor storyline and not being paid enough to earn almost enough to support his family.

Various interviews with Owens confirmed that he was considering retirement since his best gig was no longer beneficial. PWG started booking Kevin again years after he first entered the promotion. This chapter of Owens’ career saw him grow stronger than ever and return to ROH, but PWG time is what kept him from deepening his retirement.

2 Became a celebrity hotspot

An independent wrestling promotion in a small, sweaty venue with a few hundred people probably isn’t the ideal scenario for a celebrity to be seen. However, PWG became cool enough in the 2010s to be part of its reputation.

Names like Joe Manganiello, Sofia Vergara, Gillian Jacobs and a few others have become regulars at the shows. Even names familiar to wrestling fans like Ronda Rousey and Rey Mysterio attended shows in the crowd. PWG didn’t give out lineups and tickets that sold out in minutes to show that these names had to put in the effort to even get into the show.

1 Bryan Danielson vacated the belt before joining WWE

PWG took a huge risk for one of the greatest moments in company history. Bryan Danielson was considered the king of independent wrestling when he received a contract offer from WWE in 2009. Ring of Honor had a great send off with The Final Countdown tour giving Bryan four big matches in his two last weekends.

Danielson had one specific night marketed as his last PWG show when competing against Chris Hero for the PWG Championship. This match is still the highest rated PWG match on Cagematch with Bryan winning the title in a shocking moment. PWG booked this to give Danielson the perfect send off and vacated the belt to add prominence to the upcoming BOLA tournament crowning a new champion.