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Cosplay (short for “costume play”) is a popular pastime among fans of anime, manga, comics, video games, books, and other media. People who cosplay are called cosplayers. They dress up as characters from a movie, series, book or video game.

Most cosplayers spend a lot of time and effort perfecting their costumes and props, and they even carefully study their characters to accurately portray them, down to the smallest of gestures. It is an understatement to say that cosplayers are passionate about their profession. With that said, what gift could a cosplayer be happy with? If you’re lucky enough to have one in your life, here are some ideas to get you started.


Many characters in cartoons, comics, and video games tend to have colored hair that is unnatural to people. For this reason, wigs are an indispensable part of every cosplayer’s armor. However, high quality wigs can be expensive. Help a cosplayer friend by getting him the wig he wants for a character.

You can ask them about it to make sure you get the right one as an accurate hairstyle is a detail cosplayers pay special attention to. If you don’t want to spoil the surprise, ask them what their cosplay plans are and search for the character. Browse the internet to find stores that sell wigs for this character. Read the reviews and compare the actual wig to the character’s hairstyle before purchasing. Your gift will be delighted to receive your gift.

Hair products and accessories

Many wigs, even high quality ones, require a few modifications to perfectly capture the character’s hairstyle. That’s why consider giving your friend some hair products, such as professional cutting scissors, hairspray, combs, and clippers. These are very useful for cosplay, especially if you are creating your own costumes and customizing your wigs.


Since creating a cosplay from scratch or modifying an existing costume can be time consuming and expensive, costume gifts are highly regarded by cosplayers. If you feel comfortable with your sewing skills, you can make a costume out of it. With that said, you need to talk to your friend about the character they would like to cosplay and ask them what they are looking for in a costume. Also think about materials and colors. Your cosplayer friend will feel lucky to have a gift specially designed for them. They will appreciate the time, effort, and thought that you put into giving their gift.

Cosplay DVD or Blu-ray set

An anime or manga DVD or Blu-ray set or a movie based on your friend’s character would make a fantastic gift. You can even ask them which one they want, so you can decide what to buy. Some DVDs or Blu-ray sets may not be available in your region, so purchase your gift about a month in advance to allow time for shipping and delays.

The good news is that many smaller stores now sell merchandise from overseas, like anime DVDs or Blu-ray sets from Japan. You just need to search these online stores on Google or visit anime forums to find them. Make sure to check that the DVD or Blu-ray you buy has subtitles if your friend doesn’t understand the language.

Leather case

Cosplayers use many different materials for their costumes, and leather is one of the most versatile materials among them. It is used to craft armor, accessories, props, and even shoes. A leather kit would be a handy gift for cosplayers as it contains everything they need to craft the parts they couldn’t find elsewhere or don’t have time to sew on their own. It is perfect for beginners who are new to sewing leather.

Jewelry making kit

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Jewelry is said to be the ultimate cosplay accessory because there are no limits to what you can design. Consider giving a jewelry making kit as a gift to your cosplayer friend. This will allow your friend to make their own props and even props or start learning how to do it. If your friend is a newbie to jewelry making, make sure your gift includes an instruction guide, basic tools, and all supplies (for example, plastic patterns, sheet metal, wire, and embellishments) needed to immediately start making jewelry.

Sewing machine

Cosplayers always make costumes, and there is nothing more practical than a good machine that can handle their workload. If they already have one, check if they can use an upgrade. It might also be helpful to have one made explicitly for leatherworking, as many cosplays use leather. You can also provide them with sewing tools and supplies, so they have everything they need to get started.

Patterns or books

Many cosplayers make their own costumes and accessories. Picking up a few sewing patterns or craft books would help them even more in their hobby. They could also use the patterns to sew different pieces for their costumes or make other clothes for everyday wear. You can also find free templates online, which you can compile for your friends and make into a personalized book. They will appreciate the thoughtfulness and energy you put into giving the gift.


Cosplayers love to experiment with their looks, and you can see a lot of them putting on makeup. A makeup set would make a great gift for cosplayers as it comes with everything they need to look like the character they are cosplaying. Cosplayers will often go through a lot of products because changing faces to look like another requires a lot of makeup. Providing them with quality makeup will be of great help. In addition, makeup is also convenient for everyday use.

Cosplay Materials

You can also purchase cosplay material for your cosplayer friend if they are making their own costume. Most of the materials can be found online or at craft stores. If you want to give your cosplayer friend a super special gift, you can save a little bit and get yourself some top quality materials. Nothing is more fun and motivating than having the best possible materials for your cosplay project.

Lightsaber, guns and other replicas

Image of medieval collectibles

If your friend likes Star wars, kendo, or any fighting game or anime with swords or other types of weapons, a good replica would be the perfect gift for them. Huge fans of anime, movies, video games, and other media would love to receive a realistic replica of a weapon from their favorite show or era. It doesn’t matter whether they can use the replica for cosplay or not.

Body Paintings

Cosplayers use body paints to add detail to their costumes and to stand out in the crowd. Body paints are not commonly available in stores, so if you want to buy one for your cosplayer friend, you will need to find it online. Make-up stores sometimes also have body paints. Discuss this in advance with your cosplayer friend to purchase the right colors for their character. Also, be sure to ask about any allergy to body paint.

Clothing or accessories

If you are planning to surprise a cosplayer friend with a formal outfit, make sure it is from the same anime or manga series as their cosplay. You don’t want to give them the wrong outfit. For cosplayers who prefer casual clothes and accessories, there are tons of them too. Opt for official merchandise or those designed by independent artists. Alternatively, you can gift them with personalized accessories such as a personalized phone case, mug, blanket or t-shirt that features their favorite characters or series.

Cosplay tutorials

Online tutorials are a great help for cosplayers as it can be difficult to find the time to practice their craft. If you want to give your cosplayer friend a gift that he will use all the time, you can compile video tutorials or impressions of the ones he loves. It doesn’t have to be an expensive gift either, just something that would help them make their costumes more detailed.

Gift card

A gift card for a craft store is always welcome for cosplayers. You can get one for the store where your cosplayer friend likes to buy their materials, or you can give them a gift card for a general craft store. Gift cards are always useful because they give the recipient the freedom to choose what to buy.

Final thoughts

Cosplay is no small feat. After all, it takes hours of work and careful attention to detail to create a costume that looks great and stays put throughout pictures, signs, and other events. Show your support by giving your cosplayer friend some gifts they can use for their passion.