What’s been going on in the tech world in the past 24 hours? In our current roundup at 6:30 a.m., you have the most important thing.

facebook and instagram now officially supports NFTs. You can share them on your wall or in posts. It is said that Meta wants to open an NFT store.

WhatsApp wants to be your online supermarket. It already allows you to make the purchase from the application, with some messages.

Netflix celebrated its 25th birthday yesterday. He started by renting DVD movies by mail. After more than 5 billion DVDs shipped, it still reigns, tighter than ever, among TV streaming services.

technology news

Security warning for millions of android Phones: Check your Wi-Fi settings now. read the news

While Europe rations gas, Russia burns 10 million euros a day just because. read the news

Facebook and Instagram now officially accept NFTs. read the news

WhatsApp also wants to be a supermarket and now allows you to make purchases with a few messages. read the news


This is what we know of iPhone 14 a week after his presentation. read the news

Asus says goodbye to Qualcomm in the ROG Phone 6D and will bet on MediaTek for this gaming mobile. read the news

First impressions of the Xiaomi 12s Ultra, the company’s best mobile and Leica. read the news

WhatsApp to learn languages, the new function about to reach your mobile. read the news

This is how your smartphone’s SOS function is used, in case of emergency. read the news

The best free good morning images for WhatsApp. read the report

computers and tablets

AMD and NVIDIA will further lower the prices of their graphics cards in September. read the news

Way of life

Pixel Watch price leaked and that’s bad news for the Galaxy Watch 5. Read the news

New health alert, now canned: affected products and how to detect them. read the news

5 tips to get by if you don’t have time to shower in the morning. read the news

fun and game

PlayStation steps into the mobile game market with the purchase of Savage Game Studios. read the news

Netflix celebrates its 25th anniversary, at a crossroads. read the news

Netflix with ads? We already know how much it would cost you and the terms, and it’s not a bargain. read the news


Here’s What Happens To Your Electric Car’s Battery When It Drains In The Middle Of A Trip. read the news

Google unlocks Android Auto on cars running Android Automotive (and it makes a lot of sense). read the news

DGT shows how to pass a cyclist correctly, but many disagree: who’s right? read the news

science and culture

They detect signals from the Voyager probe, the furthest man-made object from Earth. read the news

The wave power generator that promises to be the cheapest and cleanest form of the future. read the news

What is the official language that fewer people speak in the world. read the news

This is how close we are to wearing jetpacks to work. read the news

The curiosities of the day

Elon Musk explains the meaning of the Tesla and SpaceX logos, and reveals some secrets. read the news

Escend Blades, the electric motors that attach to any skate boot, for inline skating. read the news

This song has the power to break the hard drive of many computers (and I’m not kidding). read the news

It was the summary of today’s tech news. Have a good day!