Since the studios are relatively small, you should generally question most purchases with a footprint. There’s nothing wrong with investing in something you’ll use frequently, but if you rarely cook, chances are an air fryer will just sit on the counter collecting dust all the time. taking up valuable space. Fortunately, local loan programs allow you to still experience the joy of experiencing something new. They’re a great resource for everyone, but doubly so when you’re short on space.

Although traditional libraries are probably the most popular lending program, they are far from your only option. Tool libraries are becoming more common, allowing you to work on hands-on projects without setting aside space for you to store supplies later. And specialized libraries also appear (although they are less common). According to Springwise, Toronto is home to a kitchen tool lending library where people can borrow cooking equipment. Although you may need to do some research to see what’s available in your area, the potential benefits can be huge, especially if you find a library that matches your interests. Plus, borrowing rather than buying is environmentally friendly and (in most cases) a great way to save money.