Many consider Sega Dreamcast to be one of the greatest video game consoles ever made and it’s very easy to see why. Along with having a small but impressive library of high-quality games, the Dreamcast also helped pioneer online console gaming, motion controls, and second-screen peripherals, among other things. Despite all its accomplishments, the Dreamcast is widely considered a failure, with sales of the system dwarfed by those of Sony’s PlayStation 2.


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Much of this was due to poor third-party support caused by Sega’s earlier hardware failures, although the decision to use proprietary GD-ROMs rather than DVDs also played a significant role in the console’s demise. Being able to double as a DVD drive has made the PS2 a much more attractive proposition for many gamers, while 4.7GB capacity discs have allowed developers to cram more than four times as much data into PS2 titles. This led to some Dreamcast games coming on more than one disc, including many of the system’s top titles.

grandia 2 will not be included in this listing, as although the game came with two discs, the second disc was an audio CD containing the game’s soundtrack rather than an actual game disc.

Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare (2 discs)

Developer Darkworks
Editor Infograms
Release date September 24, 2001
Metacritical note 75

In collaboration with Capcom resident Evil series, Alone in the dark helped define the survival horror genre of video games. Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare was the fourth main installment in the series and, for many, the last good Alone in the dark game never made. With another Alone in the dark with the reboot having been announced in August 2022, all of that could change in the coming years.

D2 (4 discs)

Developer Chain
Editor Sega
Release date August 22, 2000
Metacritical note 69

Another survival horror game, D2 was a Dreamcast exclusive and sequel to the 1995 game, D. The game was written and directed by Japanese musician Kenji Eno and is set primarily in the Canadian wilderness. The game was fairly well reviewed, but was never released in PAL territories, meaning many Dreamcast owners never got a chance to play it.

Deep Fighter (2 discs)

Developer Criteria sets
Editor Ubisoft
Release date August 22, 2000
Metacritical note 69

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deep fighter was looking to capture the high octane action of a star wars dogfight, however, rather than taking place in space, the action instead took place deep under water. The submarine simulator served as a spiritual successor to a little-known game called subculturewhich featured similar gameplay mechanics and themes. deep fighter received mixed reviews from critics, with one of the main criticisms being that the gameplay was simply far too slow.

Headhunter (2 discs)

Developer Amuse
Editor Sega
Release date November 16, 2001 (EU)
Metacritical note 87

There were not many PAL exclusive Dreamcast games although the console sold reasonably well in Europe. Head hunter was one of the select few, with the action-adventure game released in late 2001. North American gamers would eventually get a chance to play the game, however, with a PS2 release a few months later. The game even got a sequel called headhunter redemption in 2004, however, by then the Dreamcast was dead and buried.

Resident Evil 2 (2 discs)

Developer Capcom
Editor Capcom
Release date December 6, 2000
Metacritical note 77

Although Dreamcast’s GD-ROM discs were considerably larger than the standard optical discs used by the PS1, the extra storage space was still not enough to squeeze Resident Evil 2 on a single disc. Just like the PlayStation version of the Resident Evil 2Leon and Claire’s stories each received their own disc for the Dreamcast release, allowing players to start playing the game as either character.

Resident Evil – Code: Veronica (2 Discs)

Developer Capcom
Editor Capcom
Release date February 29, 2000
Metacritical note 94

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Capcom was one of the few outside publishers to really get behind the Dreamcast, giving the system several big exclusives. Most of them were fighting games, although the Dreamcast also had its own resident Evil game in the form of Resident Evil – Code: Veronica. After the console’s death, an improved version of the game known as Code Veronica X has been ported to other platforms, although it hasn’t been reviewed as well.

Shenmue (4 discs)

Developer Sega AM2
Editor Sega
Release date November 8, 2000
Game Ranking 89

When most people think of the Dreamcast, Yu Suzuki Shen Mue the series is usually the first thing that comes to mind. Its impressive recreation of 1980s Yokosuka helped popularize and shape early open world video games, while its fully voiced cast of NPCs made for an incredibly immersive experience. Naturally, all these innovations have generated a lot of data. Shen Mue came on four discs, although one of them was an online passport.

Shenmue 2 (4 discs)

Developer Sega AM2
Editor Sega
Release date November 23, 2001 (EU)
Metacritical note 88

Developed in tandem with the original game, Shen Mue 2 picked up where the original left off, both in terms of story and impressive technical achievements. Due to the death of the Dreamcast, however, a Dreamcast version of the game was never released in North America, with people living outside of Europe and Japan having to wait over a full year for an Xbox port. Game.

Skies of Arcadia (2 discs)

Developer Overwork
Editor Sega
Release date November 13, 2000
Metacritical note 93

Arcadian sky is one of the best JRPG games of all time. Released for the Dreamcast in late 2000, the game follows the story of a group of young hijackers as they attempt to stop an evil empire from bringing about the end of the world. With an average of 93 on Metacritic, it’s one of Dreamcast’s highest-rated games and a must-have for fans of the genre. The Dreamcast version came on two discs, although the 2002 GameCube port, Legends of the Sky of Arcadia​​​​​​, required only one.

Stupid Invaders (2 Discs)

Developer Xilam
Editor Ubisoft
Release date June 28, 2001
Metacritical note 64

Based on an animated children’s television show named Space Goofs and published in mid-2001, stupid invaders was one of the last Dreamcast games to have more than one disc. The humor was a bit childish and the gameplay wasn’t great, but the game’s voice acting is truly top notch. Most of the show’s original cast reprized their roles and were joined by Laraine Newman, Rob Paulsen and the great Billy West.

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