It’s always a good idea to organize, declutter, and get rid of things you no longer need.

There can be value in the things you have in your attic or lying around your house that you don’t use.

If you can’t remember the last time you looked at your old documents, this list will tell you what to look for.

From the first edition Harry Potter books to the rare old pieces that can be worth something.

Rare coins and silver

The value of a coin is determined by a series of things, but it mostly comes down to rarity (how many there are) and condition.

The condition is extremely important when it comes to the value of a coin. Frankly, the state is everything!

According to Ireland Coins, the Irish Florin coin was part of Ireland’s pre-decimal coin series. Designed by Percy Metcalfe.

Produced between the years 1939 -1943 at the Royal Mint, Tower Hill Site, London Mint. A total of 2,259,000 of these coins were minted. About 35 of these coins are known to exist.

The 1943 Florin is valued at up to $9,200.00.

If one of those 35 is sitting under your floor, congratulations – coin appraisers believe it’s worth at least $7,600.

The 1985 20 Pence is valued at up to $8,000

Video game consoles

The Gold Minish Cap Game Boy Advance SP is one of the rarest consoles ever made.

According to the sellers, this rare limited-edition bundle is a UK exclusive and contains both the Minish Cap video game and a considerably rare gold Game Boy Advance SP.

The console itself is quite rare, but this particular copy comes with a factory sealed box in near mint condition.

It was created to mark the release of The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap by Nintendo of Europe.

The console is fully gold plated and super rare.

Nintendo’s Playstation

Dubbed the “Nintendo PlayStation” by many, the resulting prototype was first discovered in 2009 by a former Advanta employee named Terry Diebold.

More than a decade later, he put the device up for auction where it eventually sold for $360,000, making it the most expensive gaming memorabilia in the world at the time.

concert posters

When it comes to the nostalgia factor, nothing beats an original concert poster, and the bigger the name (The Rolling Stones, The Beatles), the better.

Framed posters are more sought after and fetch in the higher end of the €100-1,000 range, although larger headliners can fetch significantly more at auction.

Poster: Poster of the Beatles’ Candlestick Park concert in 1966

Original Candlestick Park ‘Here We Come The Beatles’ concert poster. Location: Candlestick Park, SF. Dated: August 29, 1966 can bring in up to €5,000.

A poster for a 1966 Beatles concert at Shea Stadium sold for $137,000 in the United States in 2020.

duck decoys

Duck decoys became highly sought after in the mid 20th century and prices for them have never been higher.

A duck decoy is a device for catching wild ducks.

If you were lucky enough to inherit one of the lucky ducks, you could win up to hundreds of thousands of dollars at auction.

Vintage duck decoys often have glass eyes and no markings.

The reason precious lures are so valuable is that 90% of them have been repainted or had their heads broken off, so those left undamaged are the best and fetch high prices.

In 2007, auctioneer Christie’s sold the world’s most expensive duck decoy, modeled after a red-breasted merganser hen, for $856,000. (€777,539).

Signed Beatles Sgt. Pepper’s “Lonely Hearts Club” vinyl record

More Beatles Memorabilia, If you’ve kept this popular 1967 Beatles record, you might be in luck.

A signed copy of the album Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band was purchased at auction in the United States for $290,500 (€263,873). although most sell for a few hundred euros.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, it was autographed by the four Beatles when it was released in June 1967.

It has been described as the crown jewel of a Dallas-based auction.

Baby Hat

Collectible toys were very popular in the 1990s and are popular resale items on sites like eBay.

Created in 1993, Beanie Babies emerged as a major fashion and collectible during the second half of the 1990s.

They were cited as the world’s first Internet sensation in 1995.

They were collected not only as toys but also as a financial investment, due to the high resale value of some.

If they are in perfect condition with their tag still in place, they can fetch up to $500,000 (€454,170) online.

For example, one of the original Beanie Babies – a lobster named Pinchers – sells for $35,000.

Currently, the Curly TY Beanie Baby is priced at £33,209.98 on Etsy and as a collection of seven baby beanies at £23,721.42.

Persian rugs

That rug your grandparents or great-grandparents bought might be worth something now.

The older the rug, the more valuable it is.

Rugs over 100 years old are considered antiques and their price is determined by size, material, knot density, condition and design.

Their creation often takes years.

Patterns that include animals in Persian rugs are also considered valuable.

The most expensive Persian rug was a 17th-century antique Persian rug auctioned by Sotheby’s in June 2013 for $33.8 million.

A Farahan rug from Persia/Iran is knotted in the Sarough region of central Persia and sells for €58,780.


Of course, as with everything, rare comics are more valuable than regular editions. In fact, a rare copy could be worth millions.

Action Comics #1 is the issue where the world first encountered Superman in 1938. It’s worth $3.1 million. (€2.8m)

According to the New York Post, it originally cost just 10 cents.

There are perhaps less than 100 of these comics still in existence, and it’s incredibly rare to find one in pristine condition.

Detective Comics #27 – Approximately $2.1 million

A year after the world met Superman, Detective Comics #27 introduced another major superhero in 1939: Batman.

There are probably less than 200 of these historical comics, which makes them very rare and desirable.

Marvel Comics #1 – Approximately $1.2 million

Also published in 1939, Marvel Comics #1 is one of the rarest comics in the world, according to Sell My Comic Books.

There are only 26 copies of this issue in their original condition.

This is the first appearance of Sub-Mariner and the Human Torch.

First edition books

If you happen to have the first edition of a popular book lying around or in your attic, be sure to dust off the cover as it could fetch you a few thousand dollars.

From children’s collections to books for young adults, many old books can be rare and worth something.

The 1910 first edition of The Fairy Books: Blue, Red, Green, Yellow, Pink, Grey, Violet, Crimson, Brown, Orange, Olive and Lilac collection by Lang, Andrew is worth €12,000.

The Tale of Peter Rabbit (first edition from 1902) is worth up to €6,000.

The first edition of The Cat in The Hat by Dr Seuss (1957) is worth €4991.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (first edition) €750.


Antique lamps are ideal for adding charm to your living room or bedroom.

But, if yours is just hidden away in an attic or the lamp you inherited just didn’t match the rest of the room, it can make you a lot of money.

Whether it is an antique floor lamp or a desk lamp, they have significant value as long as they are old.

Browsing through eBay you’ll find current listings such as a 1910 Tiffany Studios lamp currently priced at $145,000 (€131,596) and a Baccarat glass oil lamp priced at $125,000 (€113,445). Your old lamps could literally be a gold mine.

Although the lamp label should state details of country of origin, manufacturer and date of manufacture, visiting your local appraiser can give you an accurate idea of ​​its value.

Stetson Hats

Today, there are a number of different hat brands on the market.

In fact, one of the most famous and expensive brands started operating in 1865.

The Stetson brand was first introduced to the public in response to a demand for high quality, exceptionally durable hats.

Oakley’s Stetson hat with ribbon trim sold for $17,295. What it could be worth: $100 to $1,000.

VHS tapes

You might want to rummage through the box of old VHS tapes in the attic.

Unpopular films that have never been released on DVD are the ones to watch (especially in the horror genre).

Any films that have been banned or deemed controversial fetch a higher price at auction and online.

The sound of music 65 €

AND A limited edition black and green VHS tape of the film is now worth around €1800.

Conclusion: The Star Wars Trilogy

Despite the fact that the original “Star Wars” trilogy was mass-produced in the 1970s and 1980s, a mint set of all three original tapes is worth almost $100 on eBay.

Peter Pan could be worth up to €200 on eBay.