As blockchain moves from the early adopter crowd to the mainstream, financial institutions are adopting different strategies to integrate cryptocurrency into their services, from trading to stablecoins to custody.

Tearsheet’s Bankchain Awards are the industry’s premier awards program, recognizing and celebrating the best products, services, and partnerships between blockchain companies and the traditional banking system.

This year’s winners are a who’s who of significant tech companies helping to bridge the old world of TradFi to the new DeFi paradigm.

Best Marketing Campaign: Coinbase

How can we talk about crypto marketing without referring to Coinbase’s memorable Super Bowl campaign this year? The company had two goals with this campaign: (1) introduce Coinbase to the masses while breaking the clutter of the competition, and (2) get people to engage in an authentic way with Coinbase’s crypto-native roots. . prioritize action over empty words. In what became the defining moment of the night, Coinbase’s ad opened and closed to an innocent, unbranded QR code bouncing from wall to wall in screensaver style. Classic DVD, an internet icon with an almost cult following. An arguably antithetical take on the biggest advertising scene, Coinbase gave 112 million people 60 seconds to engage with a bouncing little QR code.

Best Crypto Rewards Offer (Brand, FI, or Platform): Upgrade Bitcoin Rewards Credit Card

Tearsheet Bankchain 2022 Award Winner for Best Crypto Rewards Offer: Upgrade

Upgrade Card was launched in the fourth quarter of 2019 and has already been named the only fintech company to ever top the top 50 credit card issuers in the United States, according to the Nilson Report.
Upgrade has decided to venture into a new reward option for its cardholders – giving them the option to receive bitcoin rewards. This new product, Upgrade Bitcoin Rewards Credit Card, launched in 2021 and was the first generally available credit card to offer bitcoin rewards to consumers. It pays unlimited rewards of 1.5% in bitcoins instead of cash. The Bitcoin Rewards credit card gives cardholders the opportunity to dive into the world of crypto. This card offers low rates, no fees, and the predictability of installment plans, with the added benefit of earning bitcoin rewards.

Best New Product: Tribal

2022 Tearsheet Bankchain Award Winner: Best New Product Tribal

Tribal is a leading payment and financing platform for SMEs in emerging markets. It is changing the way SMEs in Latin America think about crypto by incorporating the technology into the backend of its offerings, helping SMEs gain the benefits of blockchain technology without forcing them to become industry experts. Last December, Tribal launched a low-cost B2B cross-border payments offering powered by Stellar and Bitso. By incorporating stablecoins into the backend of all cross-border transactions, Tribal enables faster and cheaper international payments from Mexico to the United States, allowing Mexico-based businesses to harness the power of blockchain technology, without the need to become experts in the field. Now, as blockchain technology is increasingly understood in the LatAm region, Tribal is launching its own TRIBL token, which will serve as a reward and governance token within Tribal’s existing payment services and future lending protocol.

Best Overall Chain Banking Platform: Anchorage

Winner of the 2022 Bankchain Award for Best Chain Banking Platform: Anchorage

A pioneer in the custody of digital assets, Anchorage Digital offers a secure and regulated platform for institutions to offer crypto products. Through innovative technology and an institutional approach to regulatory compliance, Anchorage has been able to meet the growing and rapidly growing institutional demand for digital asset products.

Anchorage’s Proprietary Technology Helps Bridge the Gaps Between Traditional Finance and Blockchain
economy. Anchorage launched partnerships and new
deals with Visa, Neuberger Berman and Finxact in the digital space, expanding access to crypto products and services.

Best Blockchain Firm and Traditional FI Partnerships: Blockdaemon

Tearsheet Bankchain Award 2022 for Best FI to Crypto Partnership: Blockdaemon

Blockdaemon is a leading independent blockchain node infrastructure provider, connecting traditional financial companies to blockchains, enabling them to stake, scale and deploy nodes. It supports more than 50 protocols on cloud and bare metal servers. The Blockdaemon infrastructure is distributed globally and backed by institutional-grade security and monitoring. Its platforms are trusted by exchanges, custodians, financial institutions and developers, accelerating the institutional adoption of blockchain technology. With the company’s comprehensive suite of “node stack” products and the Open Source Ecosystem Initiative, institutional clients can access a wide range of blockchain services through a single interface, such as transaction nodes, staking institutional, custody APIs and high availability clusters. OS Ecosystem Initiative focuses on improving blockchain node software, cryptographic libraries, public documentation, and tools to increase the resilience of these business-critical public systems. Blockdaemon’s state-of-the-art node stack also includes built-in liquidity solutions and an NFT API.

Innovation Award: Marqueta

Tearsheet 2022 Chain Banking Innovation Award Winner: Marqeta

Marqeta announced in 2021 that it had opened its app to cryptocurrency clients, including Coinbase, Fold, Baakt, and Shakepay, to build crypto card solutions on its open APIs. Customers can use Marqeta to launch cards that allow their users to spend fiat currency from their crypto wallet in real time as the card is swiped. Users can also provide crypto rewards to their customers on their fiat spend using its real-time transaction data and webhooks. Through Marqeta’s partnership with Deserve, customers have subscription capabilities that display a user’s credit limit based on their real-time crypto balances.

With Marqeta, Coinbase customers can monetize their cryptocurrency holdings and choose which cryptocurrency from their Coinbase wallet they want to use at point of purchase. They also have the power to generate a virtual card through the Coinbase app to start spending online immediately. Coinbase can add a tokenized version of the Coinbase Card, using Marqeta’s tokenization technology, to their digital wallets for instant spending and contactless in-store payments. Marqueta also activates Coinbase with its direct deposit functionality. Users can direct their fiat paychecks to their Coinbase account and choose to have Coinbase convert them into cryptocurrency.