Only fools and horses was one of the shows mentioned in The Outlaws, suggesting it’s fun to watch. Can you stream it on Amazon?

To help keep Dean busy in The Outlaws Season 2, Greg showed her classic snippets of British comedy Only fools and horses. There’s no doubt that suggests this is a comedy worth watching, and there are plenty of episodes to go through.

David Jason and Nicholas Lyndhurst play Del Boy and Rodney Trotter, two brothers who will do whatever they can to get ahead in the world. This includes a bunch of downsides that go hilariously wrong. They work with their friends – and sometimes without them – to keep a roof over their heads and provide for their families.

This is the classic “get rich quick” series. Just don’t take any idea from them. You will understand why by looking at it.

Are Only Fools and Horses on Prime Video?

Is it possible to watch the British comedy series on Prime Video? Unfortunately, this is not possible at the moment, but that does not mean that it will not be possible in the future. It was never picked up by a specific streamer in the United States.

However, for now, you can stream on BritBox. This is available through Amazon Channels, and is also likely where it will stay for a while. BritBox is directly connected to the BBC and ITV, two of the biggest networks in the UK.

Can you watch Only Fools and Horses on Amazon Video?

What about buying episodes from Amazon Instant Video? That would mean getting the episodes on Digital. It’s the perfect way to pay once and never have to worry about a streaming platform.

The bad news is that it is not possible. The British series is currently only available to stream online via BritBox. However, you can get the complete collection on DVD via Amazon.

Only fools and horses is available to stream on BritBox.