A ICT Tac The video went viral after revealing what appears to be a fake recycling bin at a Subway restaurant.

In a video shared by the user @garayua21you can see two waste options in the fast food restaurant: one for recycling and one for garbage.

The TikToker sarcastically jokes that they’re helping save the planet one step at a time.

“Oh my God, I can’t wait to help the environment,” @garayua21 jokes, adding, “Yeah, help the environment,” as he throws a plastic Starbucks cup into the trash can’s recycling portal.

However, when the user opens the compartment covering what should be two separate bins, all the waste – recyclables and trash – seems to go to the same place, without sorting.

See for yourself, below:

The video has so far garnered over 10 million views, with most of the comments coming from users who say they feel bamboozled and frustrated by the alleged unsorted trash.

Some even wonder why they have the option to recycle if everything is seemingly thrown in the trash anyway.

“It’s like this everywhere you think your recycling but it just goes to landfill. Biggest scam in the world,” one user wrote.

It sounds weird, but there actually is a name for this corporate-style waste management system: greenwashing.

Greenwashing occurs when a company presents itself as environmentally friendly to its customers, but their efforts are only for show.

Unfortunately, companies often spend more money selling themselves as environmentally friendly than implementing worthwhile change.

Subway isn’t the only restaurant criticized for allegedly laundering its customers.

Starbucks also came under fire after the coffee company began switching its plastic straws, hoping to dissuade customers from using single-use plastic. While the initial move was hailed for being progressive, others claimed it was greenwashing as they still offer plastic cups.

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