Netflix has something for every true crime-obsessed viewer, civil rights activist, and animal lover.

Netflix is ​​widely hailed as the pioneer of online streaming. From its beginnings as a DVD rental service in the late 90s, no one could have predicted that Netflix would become the online giant it is today. Netflix continues to stream content for its millions of subscribers around the world, and the endless list of movies and shows is seemingly growing by the day.

Among the popular original movies that would give any summer blockbuster a run for their money, Netflix is ​​also home to a wide range of non-fiction content, with standalone documentaries and even docuseries quickly rising to the forefront of popularity on the platform. Below are some of the best documentaries Netflix has to offer in early 2022.

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My Professor Octopus proves that help comes from the most unlikely allies

With a 93% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, My octopus teacher is one of the highest rated documentaries on Netflix. Following South African filmmaker Craig Foster after his personal life began to fall apart. With the stresses of his career affecting his family and his own personal health, Foster seeks solace in the ocean he grew up near as a child – though a once-in-a-lifetime encounter with a female octopus changes his life instantly. . Over the course of 11 months, Foster and the octopus form a magical bond, the result being a film that truly showcases a unique interspecies relationship that has never been seen before – and one that is surprisingly moving for viewers.

Fyre’s Lost Spark is an entertaining documentary

netflix fire festival

The highly publicized Fyre Music Festival in 2017 was a massive failure. Billed as an epic weekend featuring celebrities, live music and luxury villas, fans were understandably shocked and surprised after buying expensive tickets to a festival that was repeatedly delayed as the guests before being unceremoniously canceled with little or no explanation. Stranded festival-goers were dismayed to find the luxury villas and five-star meals were more like proper tents and cold cheese sandwiches as they battled the elements on a foreign beach. The premise sounds outrageous, but that’s exactly what happens in Firethe documentary describing arguably the biggest scam of the late 2010s.

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13th brings civil rights to the forefront of Netflix

The 13th Amendment to the United States Constitution abolished slavery in 1865; however, the path to freedom was easier said than done for former slaves thanks to a sneaky loophole hidden in the 13th Amendment. Filmmaker Ava DuVernay, the director of another harrowing civil rights film, Selmaexplores the aforementioned flaw in Netflix 13th. The documentary is an exploration of the 13th Amendment itself and how it directly correlates to today’s modern civil liberties movements, making it a shocking piece of cinema that is absolutely necessary for every American looked.

Abducted in full sight keeps enemies close

Netflix has a plethora of true crime documentaries for fans eager to sink their teeth into their next favorite cold case or serial killer profile. One documentary in particular that ignited the internet in 2017 was Removed in plain sight, depicting the true story of how a young girl was abducted right under her family’s noses – by their own neighbor and close family friend. Watching the reminiscence of the events that unfolded in the Broberg family is one of the most bizarre experiences on Netflix, with many moments seeming almost too ridiculous to be true, despite being an entirely real story. .

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The Tinder Swindler proves how desperate love can make anyone

It’s a sadly all-too-recognizable tale of the modern dating era: a girl meets a boy online, a boy brushes her off with wild, lavish promises and whispers of sweets, and then the boy turns out not to be the one. that he said he was . It’s a typical story of catfishing, a term made popular in the age of internet dating where people steal photos of other people online and impersonate someone other than themselves- same in a sick attempt to get money or gifts from the person (or people) they’re talking with. The Tinder scammer is one of Netflix’s latest documentary offerings – though in this tale the women aren’t just victims, they seek revenge.

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