The future of media and digital content is more exciting than ever. In the years to come, we can expect to see virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and other new technologies change the way we experience content forever. Analysts believe that this rapid transformation will lead to even more fragmented market segments across different mediums and services. The continued rise of streaming services such as Netflix has led to a decline in demand for DVD rental services and movie theaters as consumers can stream on-demand content from the comfort of their homes. Due to these trends, many media and entertainment companies have struggled to find their footing in the new digital landscape. However, there are still a few stocks that investors interested in this sector should watch out for.

ZoomInfo Technologies (ZI)

ZoomInfo is a leading provider of human capital and business information. Its patented data aggregation technology allows it to collect and organize millions of data points, including millions of company profiles, millions of people profiles, millions of salaries for employees and employers , millions of contracts, millions of regulatory filings and millions of public documents. .ZoomInfo also offers a range of services that enable its customers to obtain insights from its database and analytical tools, including business intelligence, marketing, sales, recruitment, development product and content, financial analysis and regulatory compliance. ZoomInfo customers include Amazon, Bank of America, Capital One, Cisco, Dell, EY, General Electric, HP, Microsoft, Oracle, and Salesforce. ZoomInfo’s strengths include its strong product portfolio, high-quality data, and growing customer base. Its weaknesses include the fragmented nature of the market and its reliance on a few large customers.

Zillow Group (ZG)

Zillow Group is a leading technology real estate company with operations in the United States and China. It provides information, transaction services and access to the estimated $84 trillion US residential real estate market. Zillow’s real estate marketplaces allow millions of people to find home information and connect with top local professionals to help them buy or sell a home. Zillow also offers a range of services designed to help people manage the rental process, collect rental income, and find the right rental home. The company also has a Zillow mortgage marketplace that connects people to mortgage providers. Zillow’s strengths include its vast consumer network, high-quality data assets, and core marketplaces. Its weaknesses include intense competition and its business model relies heavily on advertising revenue.

Baidu (BIDU)

Baidu is the Chinese leader in search engines and artificial intelligence (AI). It offers a range of services, including a mobile social network called Baidu Tieba, a medical image analysis platform called Baidu Eye, an autonomous driving platform called Baidu Auto, and a voice-activated virtual assistant powered by the AI ​​called Duer. Baidu’s first mobile social network, Baidu Tieba, has more than 400 million users who spend more than three hours a week on the platform. Baidu Eye is a service that allows users to upload images and receive a diagnosis within seconds. Baidu Auto is an autonomous driving platform currently in partnership with more than 100 car manufacturers. Baidu’s strengths include its large user network, strong AI capabilities, and weaknesses independent of the industry-leading autonomous driving platform, including a highly competitive market and heavy reliance on technology. towards the Chinese economy.

Alphabet (GOOG)

Alphabet is the parent company of Google and is a leader in artificial intelligence and internet search. Its main activity is the provision of online advertising services. His “other bets” include companies such as Verily, Waymo, Chronicle, GV and Nest. Other bets have a wide range of applications, from healthcare to home automation. For example, Indeed focuses on “health, disease and population health”, while Waymo focuses on “bringing self-driving to millions of people”. GV is the venture capital arm of Alphabet, investing in early stage startups. The chronicle tracks data from physical objects and sensors. Nest focuses on home automation products, such as thermostats and security systems.


Investors interested in the media and digital content sectors should watch these stocks closely in the coming years. ZoomInfo Technologies and Zillow Group are two stocks that all investors should watch. ZoomInfo is at the forefront of the data aggregation industry, while Zillow Group is the largest real estate company in the United States. Baidu and Alphabet are the two leading stocks in the AI ​​industry, and they are both poised to grow in the coming years. These stocks have already made significant gains over the past five years, but they are still poised for even greater growth in the future.