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Mac is an operating system for creatives. So most of the musicians use it for their recording software like Garage Band. However, it is still the best OS to listen to as well. Most human beings use iTunes. It is a useful audio player with lots of organizational features. more focused on the music. Unfortunately, iTunes is so ubiquitous on macOS that competitors aren’t very common. Most listings list all the listings you can search for, but many of them aren’t the best. We can help with that. These are the best music player apps for Mac.

Here is the list of best music and audio apps for Mac OS


Elmedia Player PRO is probably the best media player I have ever used. It combines the plethora of features of VLC and the ease of use of Quicktime in a clean and fast interface. But to say that Elmedia only plays files would be a huge injustice to the software. In this article, we will take a closer look at why Elmedia Player PRO is worth it.


VLC Media Player is not just an application. It’s a lifesaver. Are you trying to open a video in a format that your Windows or Mac computer does not support? VLC. Need to listen to music in a long-forgotten format but don’t have a player that supports anything other than MP3 and AAC? VLC. Do you need a decent DVD player for Windows? VLC. Do you need to… get the idea? In an ideal world, everything would work when you wanted it to, but over the years we’ve developed all kinds of competing formats for music and video, and different delivery mechanisms, from discs to downloads to streaming.

VLC Media Player knows them all, which means it’s our go-to app for any type of media playback. VLC Media Player has great tools for adjusting video and audio playback, it can play formats no one has mentioned in years, it’s blazing fast, and it does it all without spyware, ads, or anything else unnecessary.

handstand player

Pine Player is an exclusive digital music player for music lovers using OSX operating system. It can play almost all existing digital audio formats, such as MP3, FLAC, APE, AAC, M4A, WAV, AIFF, OGG, WMA, DSD, SACD ISO, etc. and it also has great playback capability to listen to CUE files in most cases. convenient way. Pine Player supports different types of PCM formats, so it can play 16-bit to 32-bit sound sources; It can also reproduce clear and abundant sound quality by supporting up to 768kHz.

Pine Player’s unique upsampling filter is a technique that converts an ordinary MP3 file into a high-quality 32-bit sound source, up to 768kHz, and sends it to the DAC for the best playback performance. The sound quality of ordinary MP3 files is even clearer and richer. HD audio files such as MQS and DSD can of course also be converted to a maximum of 768 kHz.


IINA is proud to have been built for modern macOS with Swift, and they mean it. My lower non-Touch-Bar hardware could not test Touch Bar support. But it offered a good dark mode, seamless picture-in-picture, and plenty of options for controlling the app with gestures using a trackpad or magic mouse. By design, IINA looks and feels incredibly close to an app made by Apple, minus the occasional typing or grammatical errors in the preferences.

First, let’s get the few app bugs, if you can call them that, out of the way. In terms of file size, IINA is almost twice as heavy as VLC, although the difference, around 88MB versus 48MB, probably doesn’t matter much in practice. IINA also cannot edit videos and QuickTime Player can. It’s probably not fair to make that comparison, but the IINA can do so many other things so well that I was hoping it could too.


With a heavy heart, I just canceled my VOX Premium subscription with about 400 GB of my best hi-res music in my account. After getting the same empty promises of providing a method to support so much music and doing nothing to deliver on the promises, I got it. Since all the music just goes to online storage which cannot be viewed outside of your VOX Media Player software in any way, you don’t know what has actually been downloaded so far.

I never knew if downloading one of my music folders would allow me to send CD quality versions of music I had already downloaded in high res versions which always left me reluctant to do anything with my music. It just kept me from managing my online collection of hi-res music. Well, your loss…hopefully you give your users the control that someone who pays a lot to listen to their lossless hi-res would surely demand…otherwise I’d just use my free infinite mp3 storage providers.


I like Clementine because it has a great interface that you can get along with 🙂 Although I only use it for mp3s that are on my computer, you can link it to Soundcloud, Spotify and other music services. Similar online music, podcast websites, or even online storage sites like Dropbox and Google Drive. This is great for creating playlists that mix music from artists that are only available on specific platforms! One button I’ve used quite often since installing Clementine is the “Stop playing after this song” button.

You can also queue songs so that in a playlist you can create your own little temporary playlist for that particular session. It’s incredible. Speaking of playlists, it does a great job of letting you create, name, export, and import any playlist you want. And if you are too lazy to create your own, the music player has already created dynamic ones for you.


Looking for a media player for your Mac or Windows device or Apple TV? So maybe this article can help you find such HD video player. In this article you will get a detailed description. You can find hundreds of HD media players in the market with various cool features to enhance your experience.

But what sets 5K Media Player apart is the level of its dedication as an iOS and Android mobile software developer. 5KPlayer, a combination of free UHD (MKV) video player, music player, AirPlay and DLNA compatible media streamer and online downloader. It is a new way of video player, which lets you have fun in a new way.

Audirvana Studio

Audirvāna Plus was my go-to audiophile music player until Big Sur came around and the app ran into some minor issues. So I started looking for alternatives, but my search was fruitless. And then Audirvāna Studio came out and I tried it and found it to be even better than its predecessor.

As unlikely as it may seem if you’ve ever used Audirvana Plus, the developers have made music even better with Audirvāna Studio than it already was. Many of my albums, for lack of a better word, sound cleaner and with better stereo imaging than I was able to get with Audirvana Plus. That’s no small feat, as I’ve always found Audirvana to be the best when it comes to sound quality, and I’ve tried just about every audiophile player app available for macOS.


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Moorish Luxury

Amarra Luxe is available on Mac and Windows. We believe efficient processing is the key to better sound, and on Mac we’ve bypassed Core Audio and used our own superior processing to do one thing: play music. Core Audio on Mac is a jack-of-all-trades, master of none. It does a lot of things right, including sound effects, alerts, other sounds, and more.

which is inherently inefficient. Luxury plays music. You have exclusive access mode to get exclusive control over your output device. We do not recommend that you use the exclusive mode with integrated output.

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