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About the best Netflix alternatives

Netflix has little competition in the streaming world. While the streaming giant remains the king of streaming services, it’s not the only major player in gaming that’s bigger – dozens of streaming entertainment platforms have been launched over the years, including Disney. +, Hulu, Paramount +, HBO Max, and many of them are as good (if not excellent) as the streaming giant.

If we are talking about the list of the best video streaming services, there is no doubt that the list will be controlled by Netflix. Compared to any other video streaming service, Netflix has different content. The best thing about Netflix is ​​that it allows you to stream media content to any device that is connected to the internet. Not only that, Netflix also allows users to share accounts with up to 4 people. However, on the downside, Netflix is ​​a premium service and doesn’t let you watch videos for free. The company offers a free account for one month, but its content is limited.

Here is the list of the best Netflix alternatives.

The criterion string

If I want to find the best movies, I never think of Netflix. I’m going straight to the Criterion Collection, or at least the DVD and Blu-ray series movies I’ve compiled over the years. But now that stores are closed and online retailers are experiencing delays, it’s time for all of us to familiarize ourselves with The Criterion Channel, the streaming destination for moviegoers around the world.

A quick glance at the online collection shows that Criterion has it all from classic war drama Agnieszka Holland Europe Europe to Akira Kurosawa’s Yojimbo (as well as many other Kurosawa classics). Plus, since Criterion has been making DVDs and Blu-rays for years already, most of these movies come with additional visuals and features, like behind-the-scenes interviews, things you don’t get on Netflix. .


Free (with ads galore) Crackle is owned by Sony, so don’t be surprised to see a particular slant towards Sony properties, both in the products it can stream on and in the videos offered on Crackle. (Sony has its own Hollywood studios). The site has grown to produce and distribute originals; Some have come and gone, like Trenches, but new shows are underway, including one titled Chosen with Milo Ventimiglia from Heroes.

We’re not talking about HBO quality here, or even big-name titles coming to Netflix soon, but the original content is nice to have. This is especially since Crackle, while free, has an extremely limited selection, even though they are not cut (as uncensored). But it’s only natural that Sony, the company that created the Memory Stick, is trying to go it alone rather than partnering with services like Hulu.


Xumo offers a variety of TV channels similar to those found on TV. The Xumo app opens with a list of around 200 channels of live broadcast content. You’ll find food and travel shows, comedy channels, lifestyle stations, music shows and more.

The list of on-demand movies and TV shows is long. The best way to find a show is to browse the dozens of genres and collections. The search function does not work very well and does not return results for many movies. Xumo powers more smart TVs than other shows like Netflix. If you have an LG, Vizio, Sharp, Philips, Magnavox, Panasonic or Sanyo smart TV, Xumo is available for free. Xumo also works with Roku TV, iOS devices, and Android devices.


Our new Netflix list shows how the service updates its library every month, but voracious viewers need new movies at a faster rate. That’s where Mubi comes in, with its ever-growing library, adding a new movie every day. And these films are delightfully diverse, from the excellent author of Hal Hartley to Ana of Ana Cristina Barragán. They even have Richard Kelly’s Southland Tales, an underrated and rather bizarre apocalyptic flick that stars everyone from The Rock to Sarah Michelle Gellar to Justin Timberlake.

However, this list is only for now. Like Mubi’s roster always drops titles as she earns titles. In its Playing section, you’ll get a list of movies that will be released soon, but they are listed in order of what will be gone in a month to what will be gone in the next few days.

Cinema now

Trendy since the early years, CinemaNow was relaunched a few years ago after BestBuy bought it. While it’s better than ever, it still doesn’t have anything that really sets it apart from the competition. It has the unique distinction of offering certain HBO shows, which can usually only be obtained online with the HBO GO app (which can only be used by HBO cable subscribers), including Enlightened, Girls and all six seasons of The Sopranos, plus through – Season dates for major FX and AMC shows. The selection of movies is pretty standard and it’s boring when a half-hour comedy costs as much as an hour-long drama, but that’s how CinemaNow seems to price TV shows. You also cannot subscribe to a season to get a discount.


Netflix’s horror pick is just decent, and it’s the kind of section that makes you wonder what else is there. To meet your horror movie needs, check out Shudder. Available at $ 5.99 per month or $ 56.99 per year (for about 2.5 months free), Shudder offers a solid mix of classic and modern projects, for a fraction of the standard Netflix plan.

So whether you want to delve into Jason Voorhees’ story (Friday the 13th 1-8!), Research the life of Michael Myers (Halloween, plus Halloween 4-5), or go for something a little more cinematographic like The Exorcist or Jean. Carpenter’s The Fog, Shudder got you ready. It even has cult classics like Ichi the Killer and Red Christmas. That said, while Shudder will increase your horror habit, it can’t replace everything else. Film studios like to divide their libraries over several departments.


If you’re trying to watch acclaimed independent movies, educational content, family content, and classic movies, you are probably thinking that you have to pay the money. That’s not the case, thanks to Kanopy, who loved movies like Eighth Grade, Amy, Moonlight, and Chinatown, and all you need is a library card.

And in the Kanopy Kids section, they have a slew of classic shows that your child won’t mind watching, like the adorable cartoon of pigeons and ducklings by Mo Willems, and plenty of PBS specials, with familiar properties. like Barrio. Sesame, Arthur and Daniel Tiger and Anne… the house of green gables. The only downside, as you may have guessed, is that you need a library card to access Kanopy, and many public libraries have been closed to stop the spread of the coronavirus.


Hulu has pushed its sports offerings heavily over the past month, but the service remains strong even with major sports shutting down to stem the spread of COVID-19. As of now, he’s just received 2020 Oscar winner Parasite for Best Picture, and he’s also added a new original Mrs. America series, starring Cate Blanchett, Uzo Aduba, and Tracey Ullman. Other recent highlights include the hilarious and underrated Booksmart of 2019 and Sorry to Bother You, Insanely Distorted.

And we didn’t even get access to Hulu’s best original shows. The Handmaid’s Tale adapted Margaret Atwood’s sci-fi novel to critical acclaim, the genre swap with High Fidelity’s Zoe Kravitz is a hoot, and high school comedy PEN15 is as bizarre as it gets. Overall, the only issues with Hulu are relatively excusable. At $ 5.99, we’re not surprised that the service contains ads (although Peacock will complement it with an ad-supported free offer coming soon). Oh, and those outside of the US may need a VPN if they want to move forward because it’s geo-fenced.

Acorn tv

A lot of people, including my parents, can’t get enough of British TV and cinema because the American media market doesn’t really have a big TV, which is why my parents, and many others, subscribe to Acorn TV. Yes, Netflix has Sherlock, The IT Crowd, and The Great British Baking Show, but it’s enough to try and build addiction to British content.

Acorn TV, a strong combination of original and licensed content, aims to provide a full regime of content uniquely from the UK scene. This means that it also provides the exciting and calming ends of the spectrum, catering to both the main audience’s appetites. From the return of Doc Martin in the real crime Acorn Original Manhunt to more spooky series like Coastal Railways with Julie Walters and Drone’s Hidden Britain. Seriously, crime drama buffs are probably going to love Acorn TV, because that’s a big part of its safe.

HBO now

HBO has more of them than you remember, and they’re even offering a lot of them for free right now. Right now, you can watch all of The Sopranos, The Wire, Succession, Veep, Six Feet Under, Silicon Valley, as well as some of HBO’s popular documentaries (including The Case Against Adnan Sayed, McMillion $, and The Inventor: Out For Blood in Silicon Valley). Oh, and HBO is also offering movies right now. Thanks to HBO Now, you can choose from a surprisingly wide variety of films from other studios, including Crazy Stupid Love, Pokémon Detective Pikachu, and The Bridges of Madison County.

So yes, now is a good time to finally watch all of the HBO shows you’ve been putting off forever, but I recommend that you keep your subscription even after this limited time offer ends. The Watchmen 2019 series is an incredible TV and show of the year for many, thanks to a delightfully complex storyline that took Alan Moore’s universe in directions that felt new and true to the original tome.

Final words: the best alternatives to Netflix

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