ST. LOUIS, January 11, 2022 / PRNewswire / – Tired of flowers and chocolate? Looking to do something a little different this Valentine’s Day? A Build-A-Bear gift is one they can love for years to come! Build-A-Bear Workshop (NYSE: BBW) has a wide assortment of gifts for every Valentine’s Day, whether you’re shopping for kids, Galentines, a longtime partner, or a new sweetheart. Plan a special experience at the Build-A-Bear Workshop to create unique Valentine’s Day keepsakes or visit the Gift shop for Valentine’s Day, an online shopping destination to shop for the cutest ways to give love in every hug!


Stop and smell the roses with Red Pink Bears, a unique way to give a Valentine’s Day bouquet that lasts FURever. This stunning teddy bear looks like a gorgeous bouquet of roses with its textured red rose fur and red pads. Personalize it with a floral scent or a special voice message to make a stunning Valentine’s Day gift! This fan favorite sells out every year, so hurry and get yours while they last!

Hippo-hippo-hourra, it’s almost Valentine’s Day! Heartwarming hippopotamus is the perfect gift for anyone you love tons. This cheerful hippo plush has gray fur with red paws and red hearts on its ears. Dress him up cute red heart pajamas and a plush red heart for a gift they will never forget!

Raise your MANE pressure with the a-ROAR-able Adorable lion. This plush plush lion is a fierce way to send hugs to everyone you love on Valentine’s Day. Its heart-shaped mane and super soft fur are perfect for many hugs. Set the stage for romance by adding a satin robe and pajamas and a set of champagne and plush glasses, available at THE BEAR CAVE, an online destination where you can find specially selected plush toys, one-of-a-kind collectibles and other unexpected products! Visit to find unique plush toys specially designed to delight adults who give gifts all year round.

Show them hearts with the monstrously cute online exclusive Monster heart! This very cute red heart plush toy has pink legs and arms, heart sunglasses and a toothy smile that you can only love.

Here’s the brightest way to share your heart this Valentine’s Day! Give a sincere gift with this magnificent Red Velvet Sparkle Build-A-Bear Collection with Swarovski® Crystals. This collectible teddy bear has ultra-suede red fur embellished with Swarovski crystals on the face, ears and ear pads. This shiny bear also has a crystal heart sewn onto its chest and comes in a beautiful gift bag with an authentic seal of Swarovski crystals. This one-of-a-kind collector’s item makes a great Valentine’s Day gift that they will cherish for years to come.

Make it a girls night out with your Galentine and the Honey Girls! Visit your local workshop or visit to get yours Honey Girls furry friend then go home to watch honey girls, the hit film starring Ashanti, Grammy Award-winning multi-platinum singer / songwriter and actor and digital star Tessa brooks. The film follows the story of three young musicians from different backgrounds who participate in a contest in search of the “next big thing”, hosted by superstar Fancy G (Ashanti). However, these three competitors quickly find that they are “better together”. To avoid being detected and eliminated from the competition, they form a secret group and perform while wearing masks, calling themselves the “HONEY GIRLS”. Their first song becomes an immediate viral mega-hit, creating close contact with Fancy G and forcing them to ultimately decide what is more important – fame or friendship.

the honey girls the film is available now on streaming platforms including Apple tv, Amazon prime, Seen, and google play and on DVD on Walmart, Target, Best buy, and Amazon.

See you at the Build-A-Bear workshop! Give the gift of a Build-A-Bear Gift Card this Valentine’s Day and stop by your local workshop to make personalized furry friends! This fun nighttime activity is perfect for friends, partners, family, “TBD” couples and Galentines of all ages everyone will love!


The best gifts come from the heart! New gift solution HeartBox ™ offers stylish, themed and specially curated gift boxes for a convenient online option for a wide range of adult-to-adult gifting occasions, including Valentine’s Day! The assortment of products included in each HeartBox is elegantly packaged and designed to surprise and delight your Valentine’s Day by including a variety of well-coordinated items selected to celebrate the occasion. Additionally, each HeartBox offering includes its own exclusive, high-quality Build-A-Bear designed teddy bear, which can be personalized with a personal voicemail message directly from the gift giver, allowing each HeartBox to truly be one. some sort of!

the Romantic Heart Box is the perfect way to share your heart. This carefully curated and candy-filled gift box includes Romantic Heart Bear Holding Red Rose Wristie, Sugarfina Long-Stem Roses Gummy Bear, and a Trapp Signature Home Collection Wild Currant scented candle. Add a scent of red roses and a special recorded message to the bear for a gift with an extra heart!

the You are the best box is ideal for every galentine because best friends deserve the best gift. Earn a reputation for being the best gift provider with this sophisticated way of recognizing that special someone. This gift set is full of thoughtful, hand-picked items to spice up their day, including You’re the Best Bear holding a Blush Pink Heart Wristie, Sugarfina Champagne Bubbles Gummy Bears, Big Heart Tea Co. Blushing Tea, and a 10 oz. Floral wine goblet. Add a floral bouquet scent and record a personalized bear message for a unique gift!

the little Sun box is sure to make them smile bright! This box is a golden gift idea for someone looking to brighten up a loved one’s day and includes the little piece of Sun bear holding a Sun Wristie, Sugarfina Rainbow Gummy Bears, Big Heart Tea Co. Mug Sun tea, and 14 oz. Yellow transit cup. Add an English lavender scent and record your voice to add a personalized message to make this gift truly unique!


Start your Valentine’s Day shopping early and enjoy great value at the Build-A-Bear Gift Shop, an online store that makes it easy to find the perfect gift. Check NEW 3D bear construction workshop, a unique lively online shopping experience that brings furry friends online to life. Include your own personalized voicemail message with a Register your Voice sound chip for the ultimate customization of a one-of-a-kind furry friend. Or visit the bear builder online, a convenient way to create unique, personalized gifts they are sure to love while giving you the fun of Build-A-Bear – it even includes a virtual heart ceremony!

Build-A-Bear offers plenty of ways to indulge your new furry friends! Do all of your shopping at home and have it delivered right to your doorstep, or if you’re in a rush to have your new four-legged friend, select options for shopping online, in-store or curb pickup to pick up at your preferred local Build – Atelier A-Ours.

Are you losing track of time this Valentine’s Day? Select delivery by Shipt and have your furry friend delivered right to your door – or to your loved one – the same day you order it! They’ll never know you thought Valentine’s Day was next week!

Build-A-Bear has also teamed up with Klarna to offer “Pay in Four” to split the cost of your freebies into four interest-free payments and stay on top of your budget!

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Build-A-Bear is a global, multigenerational brand focused on its mission to “add a little more heart to life” attracting a wide range of consumer groups who value self-expression by making their own “furry friends. “to celebrate and commemorate moments of life. Nearly 500 interactive brick-and-mortar retail outlets operated in various formats provide customers of all ages with an entertaining and hands-on experience, which often fosters a lasting and emotional brand bond. The company also offers an engaging online / digital shopping experience called “Bear-Builder” at Additionally, extending the power of its brand beyond retail, Build-A-Bear Entertainment, a subsidiary of Build-A-Bear Workshop, Inc., is dedicated to creating engaging content for children and adults which fulfills the company’s mission, while the company also offers products in wholesale and in lint-free consumer categories through licensing agreements with major manufacturers. Build-A-Bear Workshop, Inc. (NYSE: BBW) had total sales of $ 255.3 million in fiscal 2020. For more information, visit the Investor Relations section of

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