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Oregon finally lifts mandate for “overcr

Oregon’s mandate in ‘overcrowded’ areas has been dropped (Townsquare media) For some time now, Oregon actually had an outdoor mask warrant for “crowded” areas. But now he’s been lifted. OREGON APPEARED TO BE A METER OF CROWD? Ok, we’re joking about that. But for a number of months, Oregon actually had a mask requirement for […]

Afterlife ‘Stream Free Online At Home –

Supernatural comedy movie!! Ghostbusters: Is Afterlife available to stream? Here are the options to download or watch Ghostbusters: Afterlife en streaming full movies online for free on 123movies and Reddit, including where to watch the expected wonder movie at home. Will Watch Ghostbusters: Afterlife on Disney Plus, HBO Max, Netflix, or Amazon Prime? Yes, we […]

Tens of thousands of titles offered to H...

Christopher Stephenson CEO / Head Librarian The Haliburton County Public Library receives a check for $ 2,200 from Haliburton Rotary Club President Heather Phillips. Photo taken at the Dysart agency. / David Zilstra Tens of thousands of titles offered to HCPL members By the staffHaliburton County Public Library cardholders will soon have access to over […]

Large tech companies prefer to create th...

Machine learning has become an important cog in the functioning of all large businesses. Many companies are now building their own machine learning platform. These platforms are based on open source technologies; however, a few functions require custom solutions. To do this, companies invest in building internal components for their machine learning platform. In this […]

U.S. unions call for end of takeover of ...

US unions call for end of MGM buyout by Amazon A consortium of U.S. unions on Monday called for the blocking of Amazon’s takeover of legendary Hollywood studio MGM, citing concerns about the tech giant’s growing power over the subscription video streaming industry. “Amazon’s influence on the health and diversity of the film industry is […]

Where to watch and read Don’t play with

Don’t play with me, Ms. Nagatoro! is a charming comedy about a sweet student and his obnoxious new friend, Hayase Nagatoro. Don’t play with me, Ms. Nagatoro! is a popular slice of life from the shonen manga series written and drawn by Nanashi, and it has since been adapted into a 12-episode animated series, with […]

Is this woman’s new winter hat green, br

A woman has gone viral on TikTok for her new winter hat that mysteriously changes color. It seems like every few years there is an item of clothing that gets debated on the internet because it looks a certain color to some and a different color to others. First, it was the famous dress. You […]

Where can you stream Edward Scissorhands...

Every holiday season calls for watching our favorite Christmas movies! There are so many to watch, which ones are on your list? At the top of ours is Edward Scissorhands. If you also want to watch the movie (stream it online), here’s where you can find it. When you think of Christmas movies, Edward Scissorhands […]

Bethel + All Target stores will now alwa...

Times, they are changing, once again. Remember, a few years ago, many large retailers made the decision to go where no store had gone before and start their Black Friday deals on Thanksgiving Day? The move aroused mixed emotions, as some were thrilled to get out of the house and loved ones earlier, and some […]

Is Netflix a good option?

GUEST REVIEWS: Netflix has been a part of many people’s lives for over a decade now. It started out as a DVD by mail and then added streaming movies and TV shows to its service. It had had an impact on the entertainment industry before, but things changed in 2013 when Netflix announced it would […]