Charlotte Crosby recently launched a new fitness app, called Blitz ‘N’ Burn, but the reality TV star revealed she still loves McDonald’s fast food

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Charlotte Crosby introduces her fitness app Blitz ‘N’ Burn

Charlotte Crosby said her diet actually includes eating fast food favorite McDonald’s “four times a week”.

The slender 31-year-old made the admission while promoting her new fitness app, Blitz ‘N’ Burn – with the platform said to offer workouts and diet plans in addition to online support .

Although best known for reality TV, including being an original cast member of Geordie Shore, she’s had plenty of success with fitness endeavors in her career to date.

The Celebrity Big Brother winner reportedly released “the fastest-selling fitness DVD” of all time in 2014, later making a follow-up and two books in the genre.

Charlotte Crosby launched a fitness app last month that promises to be unlike any other on the market



The reality TV star has previously released fitness DVDs and books

Charlotte’s latest project, however, is her new fitness app, which was released last month. She recently promoted the company, including in an interview with the star.

She revealed to the outlet that in addition to her interest in fitness, she is still able to enjoy fast food. The reality star recently commented, “I eat McDonald’s four times a week.”

And when discussing the app, the former Just Tattoo of Us presenter said the lockdown prompted her to “really get back in shape”, and she added: “It reignited that fire.”

Charlotte said the lockdown had ‘reawakened’ her interest in fitness

She suggested fans not to worry about her being an exercise guru as she can be seen “struggling” with workouts led by personal trainers Richard and David.

Announcing the project last month, she said in a promotional clip: “I’ve fallen in love with fitness over the past 18 months and feel fitter, healthier and happier than ever.”

“I’m so proud to say that this app is unlike any other app. We have such a huge social and community aspect. You can encourage other people. You can win prizes. We have recipes there. We we have workouts galore,” she said.

Charlotte said the new app has a ‘huge social and community aspect’ (Image: Instagram)

The app was launched by the reality star in December last year (Image: Instagram)

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Charlotte continued, “And don’t forget, we have two amazing professionals here to help you along the way. Hand in hand, any questions, any support you need, they’ve got your back and me too.”

She concluded, “So guys, get on board and let’s do this together. Let’s get fitter, healthier and happier.”

It is understood that Blitz ‘N’ Burn is available on app stores on a monthly subscription, starting at £14.99.

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