Movie lovers in a creative art workshop

Published on: Thursday September 15, 2022

By: Clarence Dol

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Day 1 workshop participants with TFG and organizers.

Kota Kinabalu: More than 30 film enthusiasts recently participated in a two-in-one workshop, indicating a growing interest among young people in the industry. the workshop was more geared towards the creative art industry. The Script Writing Workshop (Drama/Film/TV Movie/Short Film) was led by Tony Francis Gitom (TFG) FDAM, while the second day workshop, Basic Acting Workshop was led by Marccellus Abas or better known as Marc Abas (pictured).

“Few people realize that working in the creative arts, which is the realm of acting or screenwriting, is not easy. It’s actually not easy to show a soul game that can be felt by the audience.

“My goal is actually not only to share knowledge with the participants to deepen their understanding and understanding of the creative arts, but also as a platform for all participants to be evaluated by the teaching staff on their respective talents. and the opportunities to act in their future works.“The participants expressed a sense of great satisfaction when they were able to participate and learn from directors who are considered great and experienced in the field of creative arts,” said Vie Jimmy. According to her, in the scriptwriting workshop conducted by TFG, one of the tasks that all participants had to complete was to present their respective stories in the form of a script of about 100 words. no denying that Tony provided the best sharing of knowledge and ideas to all attendees It must be a different experience when attendees gain the skills births of a director involved in the field of art for more than three decades. “The scripting workshop didn’t stop that day only, Tony asked me to hold another meeting session with all the participants via the Google Meet platform to share knowledge and ideas that will be held as soon as possible,” she said.

On the second day, the Core Acting Workshop led by Marc Abas also brought together some of the main actors from the TV movie Silence Of The 177 such as Aj Feezley, Iko, Che Chi and Christ Kent to share their knowledge and experience while being a creator. artist. “Marc Abas’ approach to all participants is very different. He shares his knowledge with the participants based on what he practices and himself learns through experience. A practical session was also organized for all participants. “Each participant had the opportunity to express his taste and his talent by playing in front of the other participants. The purpose of the practice session is to explore the talents, emotions and intonation as well as the appreciation that exists in each person,” she said. “I hope the approach of this workshop will open the minds of all participants to the dignity of Sabah’s local creative arts industry in the eyes of the world in particular,” Vie Jimmy said.


She added that it is a fact that the potential of people regardless of their age at present in developing social media such as YouTube and Tik Tok has also become one of the careers that generate income now. This, she said, apart from producing works in the form of dramas or TV movies for DVD printing or RTM and private TV broadcasts. “Those who participated in this were actually very lucky because there is rarely a workshop that will be held in two different modes but under the same roof which is creative arts (screenwriting and also acting)” , she said. Vie Jimmy said that there will be two more workshops this year, namely the Unduk Ngadau/Ratu Cantik judging workshop, the sound system workshop and the videography processing workshop for commercial purposes (to obtain a “intro” and a video “content” that can attract many people to watch it).