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In 2019, Netflix brought 7 seeds to anime fans around the world for their viewing pleasure. On the show, viewers got to watch astronomers predict that at some point in the near future, Earth was going to be hit by a meteorite. This caused current leaders around the world to come together and devise a plan that would ensure that each country would try to keep a certain number of healthy people who were still young safe by using cryogenics in order to survive when the meteorite would officially strike. Earth.

There would also be a computer that would determine if and when it was safe to wake selected people so they could begin to rebuild the Earth and repopulate it. In Japan, the government decided to create five different groups that each contained seven people for a total of 35 people, as well as an adult who had been trained and knew how to survive in the desert.

However, none of the 35 people were told what they were going into and what they were doing before they were put into the cryogenic chamber to help save Earth. The five groups of people were spread across different parts of Japan. When they woke up several years later after the meteorite had officially struck and destroyed Earth, they were shocked and scared.

The world was not populated at all, something they had no idea would happen, and they found that they would all have to work together to survive and try to recreate the world they knew before entering. in this cryogenic chamber many years ago. . Fans of the show loved the post-apocalyptic style the show was aiming for.

Viewers are asking whether a third season will be released soon or not. Here’s what we know.

Will there be a third season of 7 seeds?

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Unfortunately, Netflix has officially announced that the show will not be returning and will not be getting a third season renewal on its platform. Netflix hasn’t given an official reason as to why they decided to cancel the show and not bring it back. The show got average ratings, which isn’t the worst thing, but fans are very curious as to why. Viewers of the show should keep their eyes peeled for hopefully more information on why the show was canceled.

How are fans reacting to the show’s cancellation?

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The fans of the series are not too happy with the cancellation of the series. A user on Reddit said: “I too was in a fit of depression after finishing the anime. I keep pushing it in any thread or forum hoping that if it gets enough traction they will cancel the cancellation I was almost ready to start a petition.

Another one Editor went to the platform to say ‘I just finished it and loved it it’s such a shame they cancel all the good shows and put on shitty shows like it’s dumb cake 10 f****** seasons, it’s no wonder Netflix is ​​breaking down the toilet.”

A user took to Reddit say, “I just watched the last episode this morning. I’m definitely invested and would love to see this story continue. I made sure to double thumb if that helps! Lol.” Fans are clearly very upset and unhappy with Netflix’s decision to cancel the show and not continue with a third season.

Is there any hope?

Fans might still hope the show can go on. As we’ve seen many times in the past, if a petition or enough online traction begins to form, the shows have been brought back. The most recent example is Brooklyn nine-nine. The show originally aired on Fox, but after it was canceled, fans were outraged. NBC quickly picked up the show and it has continued ever since. Another famous example is family guy. Believe it or not, the show was also almost canceled at first. However, after DVD sales skyrocketed, the show was brought back and reached historic highs.

Fans might be upset at the moment, however, there is still hope that the series will be brought back. Viewers just need to keep asking that.