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$100,000 Bitcoin did not happen.

The geniuses were wrong. And now? Is it all over red rover?

Not yet. Let’s go in depth.

The world will never be the same again.

Maybe you miss it…

Canadian truckers used cryptocurrency to pay for their protest. And on the other side of the world, Ukraine has used crypto to fund its war efforts.

The President of Ukraine and his team simply took to Twitter and noted, “Stand with the people of Ukraine. Now accepting cryptocurrency donations. Bitcoin, Ethereum and USDT.

The price of crypto may be massively down from all-time highs, but the good it’s doing in terms of promoting freedom is pretty darn amazing.

If stocks go down, so does crypto.

We know this now after the health crisis of 2020. This trend will continue. What this shows is that crypto is no longer Big Bird in the big business boardroom. Crypto is mainstream. It is part of everyday life.

As I have always said…

Crypto is just the new name for tech stocks


The shares collapsed because of the aftermath of coroni-roni and the war that broke out. Logic. Nothing new here.

The way forward is to view crypto as just another financial asset. How do you treat stocks, immovable, and bonds? Apply the same logic.

There is a lot of noise about crypto.

Most of them are nonsense from divas putting on a show for likes.

Crypto is a 5+ year investment. If you go for less than that, you’re going to end up with eggs in your beer, as Charlie Munger says.

Nothing good in life comes without patience.

Calm your farm. Relax with Max. Take a chill pill. Watch some Bobba Fett. Everything will work for crypto the same way it did for the internet after the tech bubble burst in 2000.

The statistics that matter

I stay focused on the adoption curve. All major cryptos have networks, i.e. communities. I watch whether new people join the network or not.

Guess what? Network adoption continues to occur faster than the rate of Internet adoption in the 90s. Nice.

The coolest thing right now is the adoption of crypto by major brands. They all build Web3 marketing teams, encryption features, and NFT features. Many crypto deniers miss this change. If you deny cryptography, what else are you denying?

Have we reallyiiiiiiiii to land? I’m joking. Not.

Follow the facts and you’ll find better truths than the broken opinions of brotopia freaking out about losing their trust funds to a doggy coin. (Literally, a cute puppy face coin meant a joke, not an investment. Don’t get me started on Cumrocket investors.)

99% of the crypto will go to zero. Read that again.

So many people have gotten into crypto not realizing that, beyond Ethereum and Bitcoin, most are unproven hype machines designed to take money from uneducated people and give it to people who are financially savvy.

I have this conversation every day.

“Oh, you got into crypto. So good. You also bought Ethereum, right? Right?”

Nope. They thought Ethereum was too safe or didn’t have enough growth potential or was “too old”.

Fuck my life. Why do people do it? They work hard to earn money, then throw it down the drain without thinking twice. Broken my heart.

The crypto crash showed us one thing:

A bad investment is a bad investment, even if it is new or revolutionary.

Crypto is the smartest person in the world coming out in its own economy – Naval

Now everything makes sense. A digital economy is being built before our eyes. It is without borders. It’s freedom first, sexy, fast and highly automated.

Why did this happen?

Our trust in traditional institutions is at rock bottom. We are fed up. We are tired of incentives that screw up perfectly good people and create WeWork disasters.

I mean, would you trust Mark Zuckerberg with your data? Seriously?

I did not mean it. Cryptography is the method of financing that destroys big tech and replaces it with user-owned distributed technology.

Haseeb Qureshi nails it with this preview

Blockchains are not networks, they are cities.

Digital humanity is evolving beyond Earth. Physical location won’t matter as much as digital location in the future.

1995: Amazon is just an online bookstore.

2005: Netflix is ​​just a DVD-in mail service.

2021: NFT is just jpeg, you can right click and save.

It’s amazing how many smart people can understand the facts very correctly and yet still don’t understand anything – Tascha Laboratories

All good ideas seem dumb until they’re not.

If the people you follow online say crypto is a scam, it might be time to find some new people.

It’s easy to criticize anything. It is difficult to defend your position. It is impossible to predict the future – and crypto will be part of our future.

Think beyond the crypto crash. This is where the opportunity lies.

Now we learn who chased Lambos and who patiently invested in a long-term asset class.

All the noise of crypto crashes is a sideshow. The real show crypto is preparing to unleash is building behind the scenes. Look at the developers flocking to Web3 companies. Tells the story better than I could.

Another iteration of the Internet is inevitable.

But a new version of Wall Street and financial markets is long overdue. Trust in money collapsed when governments around the world started creating trillions of dollars out of thin air with little transparency. There is no turning back.

Crypto will automate trust.

Invest in confidence and forget about temporary crashes.