DEAR SUN SPOTS: The Monthly Bean Suppers at Danville Junction Grange have been popular with Sun Spots readers for many years. However, with the rise of COVID-19, we are unable to provide them, so we are doing the right thing.

On Saturday January 22, we will be having a take out only bean and casserole supper, the proceeds of which will be used for ongoing repairs to our room.

The menu will include pea beans, yellow beans, a corn casserole, a potato casserole, macaroni and cheese, Italian bread, brown bread and apple chips. To place an order for pickup, call 312-5591 before Thursday, January 20. The cost is $ 10 each and you can order your selection of items.

We hope that many of our friends and neighbors will continue with their usual generous support. Sun Spots, thank you very much for helping us spread the word and all of your help. You are the best! – Unnamed, Danville

RESPONNSE: Hope this is a great success!

DEAR SUN SPOTS: This is for anyone looking for a VCR / DVD player. I have the following VCRs, DVDs, and Video Rewinders available free of charge for taking. These were in my parents’ house when we cleaned up: There is an Emerson VCR; DA-4head, digital track / fast playback with remote control and manual; a Sony VCR Plus SLV-695HF (1996) model; digital automatic tracking, automatic head cleaner, with remote control and manual. It has a 3 to 3 audio / video phono cable but no coaxial cable or cable mouse.

There is also a COBY DVD (video); DVD-227 progressive scan DVD / CD / MP3 / CD-R / CD-RW player; no manual. It has a 3 to 3 AV cable and a remote control. Finally, there is a KINYO two-way VHS video rewinder. I can arrange for pickup or delivery within a reasonable radius of Lewiston. Please contact me at 312-5917. – Connie, Lewiston

RESPONNSE: It’s very generous of you, Connie. Thank you for helping other Sun Spotters who need this equipment.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: How do you apply for a job at the new Auburn Target? Unnamed, Auburn

RESPONNSE: Go to the store’s website career listings at and complete the form to receive email alerts for employment.

If you haven’t already, you can also sign up for Maine Jobs Email Alerts at or Indeed at https: // You will create an account with a password, then be ready to receive announcements and apply.

DEAR SUNSHOTS: The quilt with the mouse problem (Sun Spots December 20) should get large tote bags with slipcovers to store its gear. My daughter goes to the Goodwill store in Auburn to get them. It is random, but the price is much lower than regular retail.

I’m not sure you can answer this one: we really love Chipotle in Auburn, but sometimes when we go they aren’t open even though the hours posted on their website say so. Also, sometimes you can’t order over the phone, it has to be online. – Jane, no town

RESPONNSE: Almost all restaurants and stores are affected by staffing issues. It is best to call the company first. I know it’s not always convenient, but it might save you some hassle. The number is 531-4040.

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