BEECH BOTTOM — Residents of Brooke County will be able to dispose of a variety of electronic devices at an event hosted by the Brooke County Solid Waste Authority on Saturday.

With a $9,500 grant from the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection, the council will hold an electronics drive from noon to 2 p.m. at its recycling center on Mac Barnes Drive, near the shelter for Brooke County animals.

There will be a limit of 10 items per vehicle, although keyboards, mice and cell phones will not be considered.

Solid Waste Authority Office Manager Heidi Kirchner noted that the event allows residents to dispose of items not accepted by most refuse haulers and landfills, and that the council is not unable to pay anything.

Kirchner said the items accepted this year have expanded somewhat to include cathode-ray (tube-type) televisions, though they’re limited to one per resident.

Other items that will be accepted include A/C adapters, audio visual equipment such as DVD players, LCD and LED televisions and stereo equipment; various types of batteries, calculators, cameras, cell phones, laptops, printers, ink toners, computer components such as mainframes, hard drives, LCD monitors, keyboards and mice; scanners and other photocopiers, typewriters, wires, cables and cords; dehumidifiers, clothes dryers, washing machines, refrigerators, microwave ovens, vacuum cleaners, fax machines, medical devices, safety equipment, dormitory size refrigerators and various small kitchen appliances.

Items that will not be accepted include stoves, dishwashers, hot water tanks, any type of light bulbs or ballasts, thermometers, thermostats, VHS, data cassettes or tapes, flashlights, oxygen or pressurized tanks, fuel canisters, syringes or medical waste. , medicines, gasoline or diesel components, tires and fire extinguishers.

Participants must be prepared to show proof of residency.

Those with questions about collection and electronics accepted at the recycling center throughout the year, by appointment, can call (304) 527-3947 between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m.

The council also maintains bins near the Bluewave Center (formerly Follansbee Middle Scholl) and Wellsburg Walgreen’s store for the disposal of aluminum and steel cans and paper products.

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