The former city clerk of Silver City in southwestern Iowa wrongfully spent more than $60,000 from the city in three years when she used city funds to pay dozens of personal items, including adult sex toys and a new car, according to a state audit report.

Artema Gray, 44, was forced to resign from her job in April 2021 after city officials uncovered a questionable $460 payment that Gray said was for a new communications system for the city’s fire department. the city. However, no such system had been purchased, the audit found.

Instead, it was a monthly payment for a 2019 Mitsubishi Mirage G4, the state investigation found. By the time city officials discovered the abusive payments, the city had made monthly vehicle debt payments that totaled approximately $9,200.

Following Gray’s resignation, the state auditor’s office launched an investigation into city spending. That investigation found that Gray began shopping for personal items online with the city’s credit card about a year after she started as city clerk in May 2017.

These items included clothing, women’s underwear, bedding, jewelry, cosmetics, children’s toys, books, DVDs, a ceiling fan, and many more. City funds paid for his fuel, personal utility bills, medical care, and lawn maintenance.

One of the items was listed as a “funny porn star Halloween costume” by the audit report, which was published this month.

In total, auditors discovered approximately $61,700 in improper disbursements, approximately $3,500 in unsupported disbursements, and approximately $1,600 in undeposited fundraising proceeds.

Part of that was about $10,900 in overpayments Gray allegedly made to himself for payroll.

Gray declined to comment for this article. During the investigation, she told listeners that she sometimes mistakenly charged personal expenses to the town – which has a population of around 250 – but reimbursed the town. She denied owning a car, according to the audit report.

The inquest found the inappropriate spending continued despite a 2020 state investigation into her husband’s conduct during his brief tenure as town clerk in nearby Hastings. That state audit found $8,400 in improper disbursements and $3,500 in disbursements not supported by Hastings funds, including about $2,000 the city paid to Artema Gray to teach her husband how to do it. work, according to an audit report.

Darren Gray, 53, has been charged with felony theft – with a sentence of up to five years in prison – for overpaying himself, according to court documents. He later pleaded guilty and received a suspended prison sentence, but was ordered to pay around $15,100 in restitution for the cost of the audit. None of this was repaid, according to court records.

Mills County District Attorney Naeda Elliott declined to comment on whether Artema Gray would face criminal charges based on the findings of the state’s latest investigation.