The tournament features four days of preliminaries, where the 16 participants will compete once in rapid chess with a time control of 15 minutes plus 10 second increments, before the top 8 advance to the round of 16.

The knockout consists of 4-game matches, one for the quarter-finals and one for the semi-finals, and two matches for the final. If there is still a tie, there are two 5+3 blitz games followed, if necessary, by an Armageddon game, where white has 5 minutes before black’s 4, but black does not need than a draw.

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  • July 10-13: Round robin (4 rounds per day)
  • July 14: Quarter-finals
  • July 15: Semi-finals
  • July 16-17: Finals

Live games and commentary

Commentary by Peter Leko and Lawrence Trent

Crosstab – Preliminaries