One of the reasons Buffalo and Western New York love this Bills team so much is because of the personalities and people that make up the roster and the coaching staff (as well as the front office).

Yes, the team is actually the Super Bowl favorite heading into the 2022 regular season, and while the team’s performances over the past three seasons have been a big help in boosting the spirit team, this team also has many nice players.

Josh Allen and Stefon Diggs top the list, but Bills Mafia loves other players like Tre’Davious White, Dawson Knox, Micah Hyde, Jordan Poyer, Mitch Morse and Isaiah McKenzie.

Wide receiver Gabriel Davis is another such player who has become a fan favorite, and Davis spoke to the media on Tuesday afternoon. The discussion focused on the offensive coordinator, Ken Dorsey.

Dorsey is a former college footballer and NFL quarterback and has been on the Bills coaching staff since 2019. He was promoted to offensive coordinator when former OC Brian Daboll was named head coach of the New York Giants .

Dorsey still hasn’t decided whether he’ll call the plays low on the court or high in the cabin. Some OCs prefer the terrain, while others prefer having that aerial vantage point from the box.

Davis says he and his teammates will make sure Dorsey is in the box because he’s a little too excited…

I like the honesty here. The ending is my favorite part.

“We’ll decide, but we’ll make sure he’s in the box. We’ll make sure he’s up there for sure,” Davis said.

This team is amazing.

Buffalo Bills 2022 Week by Week Schedule

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