Bah, who has not only sold books online through Amazon and Ebay, also collects them and sends them home. It has been highlighted by news sites such as The Columbian and KGW8, an NBC affiliate television channel.

The ‘Bakau bookseller’, responding to The Point, revealed that after finishing high school he traveled to the city of Birmingham, UK and attended a local college where he obtained a Foundation in Law certificate.

He explained that his “goal was to get a law degree, but that didn’t happen. I moved to the United States in 2002 to continue my studies. I ended up getting a bachelor’s and master’s degree in international business management. »

Bah also noted, “My motivation, like most Gambians, was to study and return home. From an early age, I loved books and I loved to read. I read everything I could get my hands on, from newspapers to magazines to books and so on.

He added, “It was not easy to get access to affordable books even then… the situation remains the same in The Gambia. The country’s only major bookstore sells books at prices that are not affordable to most Gambians. This is my motivation to start Noor Books Gambia”.

Bah pointed out that he plans to open a bookstore that will sell “very affordable second-hand books to the masses. I’ve collected over 2,000 books and I’m collecting more to ship… We want to be a place for book lovers young and old”.

Apart from loving books, Bah revealed to this pen pal that his passion includes writing and he has published a book. Already “The Secret Powers of Meditation” is available on He is currently working on writing a second book and has grown by selling magazines, DVDs and sports cards.

Bah, who encourages others to “integrate meditation into their daily lives”, has also earned his yoga teacher certification, which means he is qualified to teach yoga.

Grateful for having a “successful online used book business here in the US, selling used books on Amazon and Ebay”, Bah revealed that The Columbian, a local newspaper has a section where they feature businesses and local entrepreneurs, “so I was lucky enough to be one of them”.

Bah, noted that he “would encourage any Gambian who wants to start an online business to get started. There is a ton of free information online on how to sell on Amazon and Ebay, and YouTube is an invaluable tool on the way to do it. The key is to get out there and believe in yourself. It also helps to sell something you’re passionate about.”