HOLLAND – For decades the Herrick District Library has loaned books, newspapers and magazines. But in the months leading up to the pandemic, the organization launched its ‘Library of Things’ – and now there are many more.

Herrick has a habit of loaning out unusual items, including framed artwork, cameras, e-book readers, learning tablets, and wireless hotspots. Now the library has an assortment of technology, games, toys and musical instruments to share.

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The Library of Things fosters hands-on learning, creation, and discovery, with telescopes, inspection cameras, portable solar power kits, and graphic design tablets.

“Every item in the object library, from the bocce ball kit and metal detector to the thermal leak detector and ukuleles, directly supports (our) mission,” said Dan Zuberbier of Herrick’s Groundworks, a media center. collaborative for amateurs and creators.

Dan Zuberbier of the Herrick District Library shows articles from the organization "Library of things."

“Ultimately, we hope customers share (their experience) with other members of the community and bond with others who share their interests.”

The Library of Things is also looking to break down financial barriers. For example, a customer interested in seeing an upcoming meteor shower can borrow a telescope without paying $ 100 or more for their own equipment.

The best scenario, Zuberbier said, is to discover a new passion. The worst-case scenario is to flip the telescope over and switch to a new interest without feeling the buyer’s remorse.

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Herrick will be hosting an open house from 5:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. on Tuesday, December 7 in the auditorium of its main branch at 300 S. River Ave. in Holland.

During the ‘Home Technology Showcase’, customers will be able to test out many items from the collection that can be used for home improvement projects, such as an electromagnetic field monitor, an air quality monitor and a laser measurer.

There will also be a preview of new items added to the collection. A repeat program will take place from 5:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. on Tuesday, January 18 in the community hall at 155 Riley Street. Masks are mandatory regardless of vaccination status for all in-person events inside the library.

Additional items in Herrick’s Object Library include a GoPro, graphing calculator, portable GPS, light therapy lamp, portable DVD player, tape cutter kit, and wildlife viewing kit, among others .

Customers can suggest things to add to the collection by sending an email to [email protected] Items can be queued online at herrickdl.org/library-of-things.