I dealt with Planet of Sound on Henderson Highway a few years ago and really appreciated their professionalism.

I had been to the store a few times before and if you like vinyl records or music in general you have to visit them.

Planet of Sound has been operating on Henderson Highway since November 200o.


Planet of Sound has been in business on Henderson Highway since November 200o.

So when I came across Planet of Sound on Facebook (www.facebook.com/planetofsound), I knew I had to introduce them to you.

So, I will hand over most of the narration, as is my column modus operandi, to Mr. David Wright to fill in the details.

“Yes, I am the owner of Planet of Sound. Cathie is the store manager,” David wrote.

“This is the first and only location in Winnipeg, we have been in the same location since November 2000. We love the area and feel connected to the community and have no plans to move. Our latest expansion was in 2020 creating www.planetofsound.ca – this was done not only out of necessity, but also by customer demand for online preview and shopping. We are currently listing all of our new records on the website,” he wrote.

“Vinyl is a very big part of our DNA, but we’ve been big movie fans from the start, stocking movie media (DVD, Blu-Ray, 4K) since day one. We love chatting about movies and music !”

I’m going to digress a bit now…I’ve inquired about selling a fairly large collection of VHS tapes from my personal collection and unfortunately they don’t buy VHS tapes. So if anyone is reading this column, email me ASAP and we can chat! Now back to Mr. Wright…

“(We would) just like to say a big thank you to all the customers (and family) who have shopped with us over the past two years. It’s been a tough time for small businesses, but our fantastic customer base has been very supportive and kind to us during the pandemic. Kindness has always been part of our company motto – we try to follow the golden rule…treat others as you would like to be treated!

“A little corny, but it works.”

Yes, it is, David. Yes.

Weldon Rinn

Weldon Rinn
St. Vital Community Correspondent

Weldon Rinn lives, writes and loves living in St. Vital. He can be contacted at [email protected]