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Check how to fix “Xbox Series X|S common issues”

Like any new console, the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S aren’t without their issues. Although debunked reports of Steam consoles have since cast a bad light on Microsoft’s new consoles, the Series X had a surprisingly smooth launch (much smoother than the Xbox One, at least). Microsoft has posted a blog post discussing known issues users are facing with Xbox Series X/S consoles.

The most common issue so far seems to be an issue with 4K/120Hz displays. Fix this by turning off your VRR or lowering the resolution, but other solutions should help too! You already know that Xbox Series X is Microsoft’s next-gen console that has just officially launched worldwide.

With slightly higher specs than the PS5, the Xbox Series X isn’t without its various issues either. Yes, that’s very reasonable, Vicigers, because electronics always have problems, no matter what. Additionally, the Xbox Series X is a first- and next-gen console that has a lot of potential issues.

Troubleshoot “common Xbox Series X|S issues”

Without the EA Play app on Xbox Series X and S

In various Xbox Series X and S sales, Microsoft has worked closely with EA to provide a 10-hour EA Play trial, where users can claim and play popular EA games like FIFA 21 or Madden 21 online. line. Xbox Series X and S.

However, hmm, but some users cannot find the EA Play app on their Xbox Series X and S consoles. To fix this, users can go to “Store” and “Search” to find the EA game they want to play , then click the “Free Trial with EA Play” button in the game description. To access the full EA Play library, users can go to “My Games & Apps >> Full Library >> EA Play” .

Sounds on the recording deck

The issue with the Xbox Series X that went viral on Twitter was the issue of Xbox Series X noise being generated on the console’s disc tray device. The issue was brought up by the @Rwillows Twitter account which showed his Xbox Series X console making machine gun noise.

Unreadable DVDs and Blu-rays

Several Xbox Series X users have reported problems inserting DVD or Blu-ray into their Xbox Series X consoles. But the console is unresponsive and only shows a dark image on the screen. To avoid this, users can eject the DVD and Blu-ray from the console, then restart the Xbox Series X console, then reinsert the DVD and Blu-ray.

Also, when the user accidentally inserts another game disc into the Xbox Series X but it gets stuck inside. The solution: the user can press the button located in the small hole in the round mat area on the console. Users can press the button using the smartphone SIM tray ejector or a clip.

Images do not appear on TV at 4K/120Hz resolution

The following issue is that when users use a TV that supports 4K 120Hz resolution and has HDMI VRR, there is an issue when paired with Xbox Series X, so there is no image display or distortion. This is because the TV you are using does not yet have the latest firmware. Users will therefore need to update the TV firmware for the Xbox Series X to work properly at 4K and 120Hz resolutions.

Error while running the game

Some users have also reported an error saying “Something went wrong. 0x800708a” when running certain Xbox One games on Xbox Series X or S after automatic content update.

To fix this issue, users can resolve it by restarting Xbox Series X and S consoles. To do this, users can go to “Settings > System > Console Info > Reset Console > Reset and keep my games and apps “. Users can also resolve the issue by deleting the game content and re-downloading it through the My games & apps menu or the Xbox Play Store.

Xbox 360 backward compatibility issue

The following issue occurs in the Backward Compatibility feature on Xbox Series X and S, where when a user runs an Xbox 360 game, they suddenly return to the Home dashboard. To resolve this issue, users can clear Xbox 360 storage by going to Settings > System > Storage > Clear Xbox 360 Local Storage.

Wi-Fi connectivity issue

Some users reported that there is a problem connecting the wireless connection on the router. However, the problem occurs with certain types of routers, for example B. with the FRITZ!Box 7430. The Xbox Series X cannot connect to the router there. To avoid this, users can connect to the network using a LAN cable or use another router’s connectivity. At present, the Microsoft team is still investigating the issue.

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