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Get ready for a Spider-Men multiverse with the latest web entry in the MCU – Spider-Man: No Way Home, is now playing in theaters. But if you want to know how to watch the new Spider Man movie online, and when it will be available to stream at Disney +, read ahead.

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Spider-Man: No Path Home is the third Spider Man movie in the latest reboot, and the direct sequel to Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017) and Spider-Man: Far From Home (2019). The film has Tom holland reprising his role as Peter Parker (aka Spider-Man), a high school superhero who must deal with the aftermath of the events of Far from home, after being charged with the murder of Mysterio (Jake gyllenhaal).

The film also features several cameos and villain appearances from the previous one. Spider Man franchises, including Doctor Octopus, Green Goblin and Electro. While that would dive into spoiler territory to say something more, if you’re impatient to watch the film, here’s the information on when it will be available to stream and how to watch it. Spider-Man: No Path Home online for free.

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When Spider-Man: No Path Home To be freed?

Spider-Man: No Path Home hits theaters on December 17, 2021 and like many recent films, it’s released widely so you can watch it in person. Tickets to see the film at your local cinema are available online here.

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East Spider-Man No Way Home Available to watch on Disney +?

Unlike other Marvel movies this year which simultaneously stumbled upon Disney + and in theaters, Spider-Man: No Path Home is currently only available for viewing in theaters. Sony and Disney (who own the rights to Spider-Man) haven’t announced an official release date for Spider-Man: No Path Home online – and it will not be streaming on Disney + just now.

Instead of, Spider-Man: No Path Home will first be available for streaming on Starz, which holds the initial pay-per-view rights to Sony films. Starz has the right to stream Sony films for 18 months after the films are first released in theaters, and this includes Spider-Man: No Path Home in line.

How to watch Spider-Man: No Path Home In line

If you want to watch Spider-Man: No Path Home Online, the film will be available to stream between December 2021 and July 2023 on Starz.

Seems like a wide date range, but most movies typically have a 90-day theatrical release window, which means the movie hits theaters first, then streams and Blu-ray. / DVD after three months. With the last Spider Man being released on December 17th, the 90-day window means you can stream Spider-Man: No Path Home online before mid-March.

Of course, many movies forgo the 90-day cinema window altogether, so you might be able to watch. Spider-Man: No Path Home online sooner than you think. Fans can register Starz in anticipation of the start of streaming, with Starz currently priced at $ 8.99 per month Where $ 74.99 per year.

The annual membership is the best deal, saving you around $ 32 compared to month-to-month (that’s also about the same price as a Disney + membership). When you have access to Starz, you will be able to stream Spider-Man: No Path Home online for free and also access other titles on the streamer like Power, Ghost, Stranger and more.

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After 18 months on Starz, the new Spider Man the film should land on Disney +. This means that you will be able to broadcast Spider-Man: No Path Home on Disney + by July 2023.

Disney + subscription prices starts at just $ 7.99 per month and will include instant access to watch Spider-Man: No Path Home online, plus the entire Disney + list of original shows, movies and exclusive offers.

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Sign up for Disney + here for $ 7.99 and sign in with your subscription to stream Spider-Man: No Path Home from your connected phone, laptop, tablet or TV.

How to watch Spider-Man: No Path Home Free online

If you want to watch Spider-Man: No Path Home free online, Hulu offers a 7 day free trial which gives you access to Hulu and Starz. Get the one-week-watch deal Spider-Man: No Path Home free online on Starz.

You can also sign up for a 7-day free trial on Starz through your Amazon Prime membership. (If you’re not a Prime member, get a 30-day free trial here.) Amazon Prime members can test Starz for a week and use the trial to stream Spider-Man: No Path Home free online.

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Spider-Man: No Path Home Ranking 2021, duration of execution, distribution, description

The runtime for Spider-Man: No Path Home lasts 2 hours and 28 minutes, and the movie has a PG-13 rating. Directed by Jon Watts, the film features several returning actors reprising their roles, including Zendaya’s MJ, Benedict Cumberbatch returns as Doctor Strange, Willem Dafoe returns as Green Goblin, Alfred Molina returns as Doctor Octopus, Jamie Foxx reappears. in Electro, Marisa Tomei returns as Aunt May, Jon Favreau’s Happy Hogan also makes a comeback and Jacob Batalon takes over Ned Leeds.

The film follows Holland’s Parker grappling with the fallout of Spider-Man: Far From Home, in which his old nemesis Mysterio revealed his identity as Spider-Man to the world. Desperate to stop the new attention, Parker turns to Dr. Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) and asks him to concoct a spell that will make everyone forget Parker’s secret identity.

When the spell goes haywire, it opens up the multiverse, leading to a deluge of chaos and supervillains, including Willem Dafoe as the Green Goblin, Alfred Molina returning as Doctor Octopus, both of whom have appeared in the mid-2000s by Sam Raimi. Spider Man movies, and Jamie Foxx as Electro from the The Incredible Spider-Man movie series, and more.

How to watch the original Spider Man Online Movies

If you want to catch up with the Raimi Spider Man trilogy and Andrew Garfield The Incredible Spider-Man series (there could be Easter eggs and references to both in No way home), here’s how to look at the rest of the Spider Man movies online.

The good news is that Spider Man (2002), Spider-man 2 (2004), and Spider-man 3 (2007) are all currently available to stream on Peacock. The streaming service starts at only $ 4.99 per month, and you can gorge on all three Tobey Maguire-era movies with unlimited streaming, as well as the streamer’s other series and movies (Peacock Plus costs $ 5.99 per month).

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It’s a little more complicated for the Garfield and MCU era of Spider Man, because The Amazing Spider-Man (2012), The Incredible Spider-Man 2 (2014) and the films of Tom Holland (Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017) and Spider-Man: Far From Home (2019)) are all currently unavailable for online release.

Another option? A rig that you can currently rent for $ 2.99 or purchase for $ 9.99 these Spider Man movies on Amazon Prime (most movies are even available to stream in 4K HD). Watch The Movies Online, Then Catch The Latest MCU Spider Man in theaters to see how this superhero fared in the multiverse.

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