This could be the dream job for you. Looking to quit your current job, where you might not feel appreciated? Maybe you want to earn six figures and can do it just by eating junk food? A confectionery company wants to pay someone to be its taste tester and is willing to pay big bucks, according to Fox 5. Ever wanted to be a real Willie Wonka? Maybe, now you can.


Fox 5 says a Canadian online company called Fun House Candy is looking for his own first head candy officer. The job description states that you will test over 3,500 products per month. Although it can ruin your diet and potentially your overall health, Candy Funhouse is willing to pay you up to one hundred thousand a year. And all you will need for the professional qualifications is to be at least 5 years old and live somewhere in North America, according to their announcement.

Do you love all things candy and chocolate? Are you passionate about sweets and exploring new and existing products? If so, this is the PERFECT job for you!


Candy Funhouse says you can work from home, but early confectionery chefs will need to relocate to one of two locations; Toronto or Newark, New Jersey. This will mean either going through the process of obtaining Canadian citizenship or having to live in Newark. You have until August 31 to apply.

Trapped in Chocolate

Do you remember that crazy June story? Two workers had to be rescued after being trapped in a tank full of chocolate. The incident happened just hours from the Hudson Valley. Officials say it is uncertain whether the two employees managed to fall into the tank. However, a 911 dispatch communications supervisor told officials that the rescue was much more difficult than you first thought.

What happened?

So shines a good deed in a weary world

WGAL says crews were called to the M&M Mars factory in Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania on Thursday afternoon. Two factory workers fell into the tank and were unable to get out. A Lancaster County 911 dispatch supervisor told CNN the rescue involved punching a hole in the side of the chocolate tank and removing them that way. He said firefighters ruled out the idea of ​​somehow descending or diving into the tank to perform the rescue.

Both workers were taken to hospital for treatment of their injuries.

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