As much as we love a good old-fashioned car boot sale, there’s no denying that you have to dig into an absolute tattoo to find a diamond.

Unless you’re Dave Keefe.


Dave makes a living selling items he finds at garage salesCredit: TIKTOK youtube
This transport was worth over £1000


This transport was worth over £1000Credit: TIKTOK youtube

The professional car-booter has found a way to make a living reselling unwanted goods on Amazon and eBay.

In a YouTube video posted to his channel last summer, Dave explained how he took home £1,000 worth of produce after attending two local car boot sales one morning.

He explained: “Today was an exceptionally good day at the office.

“My total spend today was £180 and for that I bought 42 items.”

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And let’s just say we’ll never pass up an old Xbox or board game again.

As Dave has been a professional reseller for years, he knows roughly how much he can list a product online – so it’s worth doing your research before jumping in.

During these particular trips, the expert picked up six old consoles – including an original Wii and several Xboxes.

And to increase the price, Dave recommends adding extra games that you can easily get at a charity store.

He explained: “Something that has gone down a lot since the lockdown was lifted is the Wii console packs.

“If possible, I like to pair it with a Wii Fit card because it tends to be more expensive.

“During lockdown you were looking at a listing value of around £150 for this bundle with a Wii Fit card – now you’re probably looking at around £70.”

Plus, Dave says it’s always worth picking up well-maintained board games because they’ll easily go for a ten online.

And as a biker himself, Dave couldn’t resist the women’s two-piece leather jacket and trousers he’s sure to sell for £70.

Meanwhile, he also listed a full-length women’s black leather coat for £100 and said he would add ‘Matrix’ in the title in case it appealed to a shopper designing an outfit. disguise.

What Dave bought and how much he sold:

  • Motorcycle Boots – £30
  • Sony DVD player, £35
  • Wii bundle – £70
  • Xbox Bundle – £60
  • Board games – £10 each
  • Xbox One – up to £200
  • Car Security Device – £20
  • XBox 360 Wireless Controller – £15
  • Birdwatcher binoculars – £12 each
  • PlayStation 2 – £45
  • Sony docking station – £20
  • Goodmans VHS Player – £25
  • Xbox 360, bundle with games and controllers – £60
  • Folding sun lounger – £50
  • Sandee Gloves – £20
  • Zenit film camera – £20
  • Samsung DVD Burner – £12
  • iPod nano – £25
  • MP4 player – £25
  • Kindle – £25
  • Record player – £30
  • Single handset phone and answering machine – £15
  • Computer mouse – £20
  • French lesson DVD – £12
  • Sudocrem tubes – 3 pack for £18, 2 pack for £12
  • Lumix camera – £10
  • Nikon Binoculars – £50 to £80
  • Twinset landlines – £18
  • Women’s Leather Coat – £100
  • Women’s leather motorcycle jacket and pants – 70€

The other surefire items Dave recommended picking up were binoculars – as unbranded ones can sell for £12.

But if you’re lucky like Dave was, a premium pair like the Nikon ones he bought can also be worth up to £80.

As a general rule, he says it’s worth packing up old, cheap electronics – like iPods and landline phones – as these can cost between £10 and £20.

One viewer replied, “What an awesome result. I love that feeling when you go home knowing you did well!”

Another added: “Did my first car jump start today and I feel like it’s definitely about learning as you go and perfecting the art of haggling. Thank you for the tips, great video!”

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