Ghostbusters: the afterlife– a movie about nostalgia and a few ghosts, sort of – has left cinemas and is now haunting digital platforms. Now you can fork out some cash to watch it digitally in its entirety or, if you want to sample the movie before you deposit any money, you can now watch the first ten minutes online for FREE.

That’s right — the ghost hunters Youtube channel put together the first ten minutes of the movie (well, nine minutes and forty-eight seconds, if you want to be specific) so that you can watch them with your eyes. And best of all, the only cost to you is your time! Check it out above, if you’re that inclined, or read on for a quick rundown of what’s in the clip in just under ten minutes.

Attention spoiler!

After a full minute of intro credits (set to scary ghost hunters music, at least), we cut to a stormy, supernatural sky with an older Egon driving a truck way too fast with a ghost trap full. One of those supernatural dogs from the first Ghostbusters movie pursues him, and he unfortunately loses the fight on a sufficiently spooky farm. We then cut off Egon’s estranged daughter and her two grandchildren, who are heading to the aforementioned farm, which has signs (literally) that suggest Egon has gone to the bottom of it.

The clip ends with grandson Trevor (Finn Wolfhard) saying, “Oh my God, this is so much worse than I thought.” What a note to finish!

If you watch the first ten minutes and are thirsty for more, you can now purchase the film in its entirety on any digital platform of your choice or wait for the Blu-ray or DVD, which hits stores on February 1, 2022.