During the last years, infinite train has established itself as one of television’s most critically acclaimed animated shows due to its writing, art style, and unique ability to tackle complex themes and characters.

Created by Owen Dennis (Regular show) for Cartoon Network, infinite train is an anthology series with four seasons (or “Books” as the series calls it) each following the adventures of passengers transported on a seemingly endless interdimensional train, where each carriage is an incredibly mysterious new environment.

Travelers must navigate a kaleidoscope of strange worlds and characters while solving puzzles and battling monsters in order to escape the train and return home.

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Each season consists of 10 episodes, with First book – The vivacious child released in 2019, Book Two – Cracked Reflection and Volume 3 – The cult of the conductor in 2020, and the final season, Book Four – Duoin 2021 – there was also a series of shorter episodes uploaded in 2019 to bridge the gap between season one and two, titled Train documentaries.

infinite train originally aired on Cartoon Network in the US, but was moved to the HBO Max streaming platform starting with the third book – sadly, in August 2022, the show was completely removed by Warner Bros Discovery without much warning, alongside 35 other titles like the cartoon Close enough.

The removal followed a pattern of other HBO Max shows and movies being removed from the platform, and left fans with infinite train saddened by the sudden cancellation of such a great show. As much as it stings, fortunately there are other options to look at infinite train.

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How to watch infinite train in the USA

Whereas infinite train is no longer on HBO Max, all four seasons can currently be purchased digitally from stores like Amazon, AppleTV, Google and Microsoftwith the option to purchase episodes individually or in full seasons.

Prices vary by storefront, with Amazon is currently selling full seasons of Infinity Train for $7.99.

How to watch infinite train United Kingdom

In the UK, the four seasons of infinite train are available to stream on Sky.

If you are not a Sky customer, you can subscribe to their Sky Q, Sky TV and Netflix package for £26 per month on an 18 month contract. Sky is also offering various deals on its new streaming TV sky glasswhere you can get a TV with their Sky TV & Netflix package from an extra £11 per month.

infinite train is also available to watch on the streaming platform NOW United Kingdom.

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In the United States, the first two seasons are also available on DVDbut availability is scarce with prices skyrocketing on marketplaces like eBay after HBO Max was pulled.

In a Sub-stack message from series creator Owen Dennis, it’s for fans saddened by infinite train being erased from HBO Max, and while the show’s future may look bleak, he hopes to keep trying to do more one way or another, so never say never.

infinite train is available to watch on Sky and NOW in the UK. In the United States, full seasons and episodes can be purchased on digital platforms such as Amazon, AppleTV, Google and Microsoft.