Light year is now available to watch in theaters. Where will it be streamed online? East Light year on Amazon? Will it be in the future?

Pixar has finally released its first film in theaters since the pandemic. Other films were released on streaming platforms. Light year will eventually arrive on a streaming platform, and of course, fans want to know where it will go.

This is a movie that all kids will want to see. This is the origin story of one of the children’s favorites toy story characters ever. We kinda get why Buzz thinks he’s a real space ranger and not a toy.

We won’t have Lightyear on Amazon Prime Video

There is bad news when it comes to watching the movie on a streaming platform. Light year don’t come to First video at all.

Pixar movies are heading to Disney+. That will be the case with this one. It’ll be heading to Disney+ sometime after its theatrical release, though the exact timing is unclear. Disney does not have a set release date for streaming.

Lightyear will come to Amazon Video

There is, however, good news. There will be a way to watch it through Amazon. It will eventually go to Amazon Instant Video when it becomes available for purchase through Digital.

We don’t have a date for that, but it will be around the time of the DVD and Blu-ray releases. Buying it on Digital means you can skip all subscription services. You pay once and it will be added to your Amazon library, allowing you to watch it whenever you want. That usually happens before it hits a streaming platform, but Disney hasn’t followed a pattern since the pandemic, so it’s hard to make a call on what it will do here.

Light year is currently in theaters.