GUEST REVIEWS: Netflix has been a part of many people’s lives for over a decade now. It started out as a DVD by mail and then added streaming movies and TV shows to its service. It had had an impact on the entertainment industry before, but things changed in 2013 when Netflix announced it would be offering original programming. And with this new change came new subscribers. It wasn’t just about watching your favorite show or movie anytime you wanted; this was the original content that Netflix could offer next! But is Netflix worth it? Let’s get started!

What is Netflix?

Netflix has been described as an on-demand service for watching TV shows and movies. Members can choose from various popular TV shows and movies and even receive suggestions based on their tastes. Original programming is becoming more and more popular these days, as it offers users something different to watch that is not already available.

Is Netflix Worth It?

For many, the answer to this question is yes! And we’ll explore the reasons why, but first, let’s take a look at some of the downsides. First, when you add a movie or show to your list (hence, you make it available when you want to watch it), you create a queue. This queue will include all the TV shows and movies that you have added to your list. So there is a good chance that if you watch a lot, your queue will become quite large. That’s not a problem … except for the fact that you can’t mark where you left off in each episode like you can with traditional TV.

Netflix is ​​not free, how much does it cost?

This is Netflix’s biggest drawback; it costs money to use the service. How precisely is different per person; how many people are using the account (and therefore, what is their shared plan?) and what features do they want (high definition streaming is more expensive than normal!). As mentioned earlier, Netflix was originally by mail; this included unlimited streaming. There is a price per month for this service, and the more people use the account, the cheaper it will be. If you want to try it, there is Netflix offers in line.


Can you cancel your Netflix subscription?

Yes! It’s really easy to do! As we mentioned before, if you watch a lot of TV shows and movies on Netflix, there is a good chance that your queue will become quite large, which means that you probably won’t want or need any more. you no longer need everything. You can continue to add items to your queue and remove them as you go (adding and removing from your list has no impact on those who share the account with you). Another reason could be because they got bored of what Netflix offers; Now that they know what kinds of shows and movies they like and which don’t, they don’t need Netflix as much.

So what makes Netflix unique?

Netflix is ​​best known for its original programming; House of Cards, Orange Is the New Black, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt are just a few of the great original shows on offer. They are not available anywhere else! Some people cut their cable because they can watch whatever they want on Netflix. But what’s even better is that Netflix doesn’t stop at TV shows and movies; they’ve also created documentaries, comedy specials, stand-up shows and more! It gives people the opportunity to see things they might never have known existed.


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