Red Notice has a star cast including Dwayne Johnson and Gal Gadot. Now you need to know where you can stream Red Notice in line. Is it on Amazon Prime Video?

The film follows an Interpol agent who tracks down the world’s most wanted thief. That thief is Gal Gadot, and how can someone not just hand her the jewelry she wants?

It is currently in theaters in a limited release. You can also stream the film online. The big question for many is where the film is showing. Can you watch it with your Prime membership?

The red notice is not showing on Amazon Prime Video

The bad news is, you can’t stream it for free on Amazon Prime Video with your Prime membership. There is only one place Red Notice is streaming online. Everything revolves around Netflix.

With that in mind, it’s highly unlikely we’ll ever see the movie streaming for free on Amazon. Netflix just doesn’t need to share. Netflix wants to keep people on its platform to watch the best movies and shows.

That being said, there’s a chance the movie will make it to DVD and Blu-ray. After all, he’s in theaters with limited release. Many Netflix movies that had limited theatrical release continued to be released on DVD.

However, getting a digital one is unlikely. This means that you probably won’t be able to purchase the movie through Amazon Video to add it to your library. Again, it just doesn’t make sense for Netflix to encourage people to watch the movie on its own platform. However, this will depend on the contracts signed during the acquisition of the film.

Red Opinion is currently streaming on Netflix. It is unlikely to arrive at Amazon Prime Video.