The wheel of time is going to be one of the hottest new shows of 2021. Where can you stream it online? Will it be on Amazon Prime Video?

There is absolutely no doubt that fans of the Robert Jordan series are thrilled to see The wheel of time turned into a television series. This fantastic epic is sure to bring us all the magic and action that we’ve been missing on our screens for some time.

Of course, the question for some is where the series is going to air. Which subscription platform will you need to invest in to watch the show? Will The wheel of time be available for streaming on Amazon Prime Video?

The Wheel of Time is coming to Amazon Prime Video

There is great news. Amazon is the company that acquired the rights to the Robert Jordan series and commissioned the television show. The wheel of time is definitely going to be on Amazon Prime Video.

There is not long to wait for it. The first three episodes of Season 1 will be released on Friday, November 19. After that, the episodes will be released every week. The first season has eight episodes, with the finale airing on Friday, December 24.

Want more good news? The wheel of time Season 2 has already been confirmed. In fact, the season is already filming, and we already have news from the cast. It will certainly be the drama that will win the hearts of the world.

There is still some bad news. It is highly unlikely that The wheel of time will come on DVD and Blu-ray. This will be an Amazon original series, and it’s unusual for Amazon shows to receive the DVD treatment. It doesn’t make sense for Amazon to put its shows and movies on DVD when it discourages people from signing up to the streaming platform.

The wheel of Time premieres on Friday November 19 on Amazon Prime Video.