Today is National Watermelon Day. It is always celebrated on August 3. This big, juicy fruit deserves its own big day. So, we’re taking a break to celebrate watermelon.

As Holiday Insights says, sweet and tasty watermelons are among summer’s favorite fruits. They are standard fare at picnics. Although watermelon is over 90% water, it certainly tastes great. And what picnic would be complete with a seed spitting contest?

Summer is the time to consume watermelons in large quantities. They ripen in the field in July and August, and even earlier in some southern states. July is the peak month, just in time for the 4th of July picnics. But please don’t limit your watermelon intake to this month. Stores sell watermelon all 12 months of the year.

Watermelons can get quite large – make them huge. And there are small home garden varieties that fit pretty much in the palm of your hand. But watermelons can weigh hundreds of pounds each. The heaviest watermelon in the world weighed 350.5 pounds on October 4, 2013. It was grown in Sevierville, Tennessee.

A little trivia: July is National Watermelon Month, but August 3 is National Watermelon Day. No one seems to know why, although it gives us an extra day to celebrate drinking watermelon. I like watermelon; however, most of my family does not. I thought it was the seeds, but they don’t even eat the seedless variety. So I’m going to eat their share.

My first week back to school went really well. It’s always a shock when I first enter the library. In the past it was clean, vacuumed and dusted – everything was ready for the arrival of the students. Now, when I’ve walked in for the past few years, I’m greeted with stacks and stacks of laptops on library tables, rolling carts of laptops ready to be loaned to our students. The technical team has arrived and they need space. In a few days, those carts and laptops will be gone and the library will be ready for students again.

Galt High School has amazing babysitting and tech teams. They receive hundreds of help-request tickets per week during the school year, and they are “Johnny on the spot” to troubleshoot issues. There are three caretakers, six full-time technicians and an additional summer technician looking after over 2,000 students and at least 300 staff – all of whom have a classroom or office, and at least one computer or laptop, TV or DVD player, movie projector and room phones. And some still use overhead projectors. And these two teams have seen, repaired and cleaned everything from Cheetos dust and smoky bananas in, around and under the keyboard, to broken screens and chewed up corners and cords. Custodians ensure that the entire school is cleaned and disinfected every evening. We are very lucky to have such great teams.

Herald Day is this Saturday. The theme is “Herald Dayz & Herald Nightz”. There will be a car show in the Arcohe School parking lot, as well as a parade, food and craft vendors, bingo, face painting, live auction, bench signing in honor of Joe Grubba and, to end the day, at 5 pm, a car cruise. It looks like it’s going to be a busy day for having fun, meeting friends, winning prizes, buying early Christmas presents and, of course, eating food.

For those who keep track of time: 50 days until the autumnal equinox; 99 days until Halloween; 105 days until the end of DST (again); 123 shopping days until Thanksgiving and 148 shopping days until Christmas. Phew!

Flower of the day: Sweet pea

Recipe of the day: Marinated watermelon rind

Dates to remember:

August 6 – Herald Day

August 8 — School begins for high schools.

August 11 — Galt Elementary and New Hope Elementary begin school.

August 15 — Arcohe Elementary begins school.

August 18 – Oak View Elementary starts school.

Until next week – Be strong, be brave and make a memory.