Actor and comedian Jim Carrey died on or before June 20, 2022.

Fact check

Jim Carrey is not dead, despite a YouTube ad users noticed next to videos on the website in June 2022.

The Scammy YouTube Ad

On June 20, Twitter user @NoLimitWriter_2 tweeted about a death hoax in a YouTube ad that falsely claimed Carey was dead. The ad featured photos of the actor and comedian with the words “Heartbreaking Passing of Jim. Jim Carrey’s Declining Health: Report. Watch his last words to family, friends and fans.

The ad appeared to urge Google users to research whether Carrey “is deceased,” according to google trends. Google AutoComplete Predictions also showed suggested search terms such as “Is Jim Carrey alive”, “Is Jim Carrey still alive”, and “Is Jim Carrey sick”.

We found no reports from websites that Carrey’s health was declining, nor could we find any credible reports that he was dead. The ad was nothing more than a clickbait.

Other advertisements and a screenshot on Reddit

According fedegsadvisor.coma second version of the ad read: “Sadly, Jim Carrey has passed away. The source of Jim Carrey’s declining health. Take a look at his farewell message to his loved ones and admirers. Another variation of the The announcement read, “We are saddened to inform you of the passing of Jim Carrey, a comedy legend.”

Additionally, we came across a screenshot on Reddit which showed a better look at the Carrey death hoax.

These YouTube ads were nothing more than deceptive clickbaits.

The purpose of advertisements

It’s unclear where the link went in the ads, other than the visible mention of a website named We searched this website, but found no page on Carrey’s alleged death.

We know from our own past investigations that these types of death prank ads often lead to fraudulent and fake celebrity endorsement pages intended to push sales pitches for CBD or keto diet products. . These pages sometimes only load scams for users who clicked on the ads. The reason for this is that scammers may attempt to hide what they are doing.

For example, we previously reported an ad online about actor Tom Selleck who falsely claimed that he abruptly left the cast of a TV show. The ad was a clickbait. Clicking on the ad took us to a website that falsely claimed to be a spokesperson and endorser for CBD oil products. A few hours later, we attempted to load the CBD endorsement website a second time. However, the page loaded was not the same as before. We were shown a page that claimed to offer DVD copies of the 1990 Selleck film, “Quigley Down Under”. Basically, the website was designed to conceal its true intentions from anyone who didn’t come straight from the original ad.

In short, no, Carrey is not dead. The YouTube ad that displayed the false rumor was nothing more than a clickbait.


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