The Buffalo Bills are in off-season mode right now, although their spring off-season training portion has begun. The team will hold a mandatory minicamp June 14-16 at One Bills Drive. The training camp will start the fourth week of July, but until then there are still some activities for the players to do.

Buffalo Bills safety Micah Hyde held his annual charity softball game at Sahlen Field on Sunday afternoon.

Many Bills players attend the event, including quarterback Josh Allen.

Before the match proper, Allen won the home run derby portion of the event and when WGR’s Sal Capaccio asked him “where does he rank in all his accomplishments?”, Josh had an answer that the Thousands of Sahlen Field fans loved it.

Allen said, “That’s a placeholder for when we win in February baby, let’s go.”

The one thing that’s been noticeable about Josh over the last two years is the level of confidence on and off the pitch, which is absolutely a good thing.

Allen knows he’s holding on to a higher pedestal now and he believes in this team finally getting over the hump and qualifying for the big game in February.

The Bills are betting favorites to win the Super Bowl in Arizona in February, but they know it will be a tough challenge. Make no mistake, this team’s one and only goal is to win a championship in the 2022 season.

They made the playoffs three straight years. They lost the Wild Card, AFC Divisional Round and AFC Championship match in all three of those innings. The only step left is to get to the Super Bowl and win it.

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