UPDATE — In the short time since this story was published, we have discovered that the video has been taken down. When you click on the link, it brings up the screen that the owner has only shared it with a small group of people, or it has been edited or deleted.

Image now shows where the video link was before (Facebook.com)

Image now shows where the video link was before (Facebook.com)

In a new video, the founder-owner of Just Joel’s urged viewers to avoid the “hatefuland to avoid all the negativity on Facebook.

Joel Watson posts a short video on his page

According to court documents and information published in the Tri-City Herald, as well as local TV stations, the owner of Just Joel’s will face a July 12 court date in Franklin County to respond to an assault. on the 2nd degree Domestic Violence charge, a Class B felony.

The charge stems from an alleged December 2021 argument between Watson and his girlfriend, according to police, court and media. These details can be found by clicking here.

Video urges people to avoid ‘haters’ and negativity

Watson urged his “friends and family” at “not interacting with all that negativity on facebook“He mentioned he had a lawyer and said he found out about his court date through”the Tri-City Herald.

He said he couldn’t say much about the case. He urged people to leave the “haters say what they gon say you can’t stop a hater.”

The tone of the video is upbeat and positive, and for those who have seen Watson’s video posts in the past, this one is in his typical style. He also thanked people for their love and support.

To see the video for yourself, click here. We want to let you know that the language is spicy on time. As of Wednesday morning, it had been viewed at least 2,800 times according to the site’s Facebook data.

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