An upcoming Karol G song could be the reason why she unarchived his old messages with ex-Anuel AA on Instagram. Saturday September 17, the Colombian superstar shared an excerpt of a song, talking about wanting to get back together with an old flame.

Earlier this month, fans were surprised to see old posts from Karol G with ex Anuel AA on her Instagram feed. Last year the couple broke up and since then Karol G has been rumored to be coupled with fellow Colombian singer Feid. Anuel AA, meanwhile, is married to Dominican rapper Yailin La Más Viral.

Karol G recently took to Twitter to explain why her photos with Anuel are back on her feed after fans questioned the decision. “Deleting certain photos from a social media platform does not delete the story, nor what has been experienced, that’s why they have always been there and will remain there,” she wrote in Spanish.

Now, there’s speculation that the unarchived posts might have to do with an upcoming song. On TikTok, the “MAMIII” singer shared a snippet of a song possibly titled “Porno.” As Karol G looks at the camera, the song plays in the background until she smirks. In English, the lyrics translate to, “I won’t delete your contact and I’ll wait in case we get back together.” She posted on TikTok on Saturday, Colombia’s Valentine’s Day.

While the context of the song remains unclear, fans online are ecstatic that Karol G will hopefully release it soon. “New obsession unlocked!! Thank you Karol G. Love you so much and looking forward to this big hit,” one fan wrote on Twitter. “Could Porn be the DVD sequel??? I need answers!” another fan speculated.

Karol G is currently on his $trip Love Tour in the United States. His next album is due out later this year.