Kevin Smith’s career was really made in the video stores, and not just in the one in central New Jersey where he worked at the time before directing. Clerk. This is where audiences found their cult comedies, including Mallrats, Chasing Amyand Dogma.

Of course, you can’t find anything in a video store anymore because they practically don’t exist. But nearly all of Smith’s films are now widely available to rent, buy, and stream online. Except Dogma, mysteriously out of circulation for years. After a few DVD and Blu-ray releases, it has not been available for purchase or rental since then. You can’t get it – at least not legally.

The reasons have to do with the rights to the film, which Smith says TheWrap is being held hostage by its original producer, Harvey Weinstein. The problem is that Disney didn’t want to release the film through Weinstein’s Miramax Films because they feared its satire of organized religion would spark controversy and protests (which it eventually did). The film was therefore released by Lionsgate. But after his initial home video release, the rights reverted to Weinstein himself, rather than Disney, and he kept them over the years, alternately ignoring the property or trying to sell it to raise money. amid his many legal battles. (Weinstein is currently serving a 23-year prison sentence after being convicted of sexual assault.)

Weinstein Society
Lions Gate

Smith revealed that Weinstein tried to sign him to do a Dogma sequel – something he wanted to do for a long time – just before The New York Times first published his stories exposing Weinstein’s misbehavior. This made the conversation a moot point. After that, Smith said, he repeatedly heard from third parties that Weinstein tried to move the rights. To which he replied…

Please tell this company I have nothing to do with it, if it’s still attached to it. I’ll work on a ‘Dogma’ anything, as long as he has no ties to it,” Smith told his lawyers. Smith and his lawyers even tried to buy out the rights themselves “which seemed very dirty to us because we didn’t want to give him any money”. But at the same time, it’s like my film and he has it… He’s holding it hostage. devil himself.

So someone, whether it’s Kevin Smith or some other company, will have to buy Dogma before he could get another version. If only there was a way to do this without enriching Weinstein in the process. Wouldn’t that be a heavenly result?

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