A new location

The Swiss Young Masters in Basel (April 16-24) offers young Swiss players the opportunity to climb the ranks and possibly collect IM standards.

The traditional tournament will take place for the first time in Basel, at the recently opened Mövenpick Hotel near the SBB station. In this invitational tournament, five Swiss players will meet five young masters from neighboring countries. This nine-round event offers the opportunity to acquire a standard for the title of International Master.

The Swiss Chess Federation has decided to organize this traditional tournament this year in different regions of Switzerland. The first event will take place in Basel, organized by the Riehen Chess Club. The last six editions have brought many young chess talents to Switzerland, some of whom have since embarked on impressive careers. For a number of Swiss players, this tournament was a cornerstone of their career.

In this year’s group of participants, two players have already reached the standards for the Grandmaster title and are therefore the tournament favorites: Pierre Laurent-Paoli from France and Lev Yankelevich from Germany. There are also two members of the Swiss women’s team in action: Ghazal Hakimifard and Lena Georgescu.

List of participants

All games live on the internet

All matches will be broadcast live on chess 24, ChessBase and lichess. To ensure that there is no possibility of cheating, transmissions will be made with a 15 minute delay, which is usual for such tournaments.

Own homepage

In order to be informed of everything at all times, a separate homepage has been created: www.swissyoungmasters.ch. You can find all the information there, including player portraits. Results with rankings and many statistics are reported via www.chess-results.com.

Spectators are welcome

The matches will be played from 2:00 p.m. local time, except for the last round which will start at 10:00 a.m. Since it is again possible to admit spectators, they are welcome in the game room!

Side events

Side events will take place in the adjoining halls of the Mövenpick Hotel. On Holy Saturday, April 16, a closed Junior Rapid Tournament will be played, while on Sunday, April 24, a Rapid Tournament will be held, this one open to all players.

Both tournaments will be organized by the Chess Federation of Northwestern Switzerland. Registration can be done online on the homepage. On Saturday April 23, there will also be a simultaneous exhibition, in which Swiss grandmaster Nico Georgiadis will face 20 players. The Swiss Chess Federation organizes this event and will also distribute the invitations. Spectators are welcome!

Swiss Youth Chess Foundation

The organization of this tournament is made possible by the Swiss Youth Chess Foundation, which contributes a considerable sum of money. the Swisslos Sportfonds Basel-City and the sponsorship provided by the Mövenpick Hotel also contribute substantially to the realization of the event.

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