UP FOR BID – Rose Angelica holds a box set of every recording ever made by Steubenville native Dean Martin, and a signed photo of his daughter, Deana. The two items are among many pieces from Angelica’s 25-year-old collection that will be auctioned Saturday from 6-8 p.m. at the Spot Bar in Steubenville. Proceeds will go towards the erection of a life-size bronze statue of Martin. — Contributed

STEUBENVILLE – The Spot Bar in Steubenville is the place to be on Saturday for Dean Martin fans looking to take home “The King of Cool” memories.

And their purchases at an auction at 217 S. Fourth St. from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. will help make possible what Rose Angelica said was a goal from the start when the Dean Martin festivals began decades ago. years – erect a statue of Steubenville. son of the country.

“I’m using a lot of my collection from the past 25 years to donate to the auction to help build the Dean Martin statue,” explains Angelica, founder and former president of the Dean Martin Festival.

Angelica is part of a committee that has been organized to raise $80,000 to have a life-size bronze statue of Martin erected in Fort Steuben Park along Third Street. It will be placed next to the historic bronze marker already on the pitch with the aim of being unveiled at the Dean Martin Hometown celebration in 2023.

The road from here to there, however, is paved with the need for Saturday auction purchases or outright donations at any time.

“I have to do something about it” Angelica said of her collection. “It’s better if it goes to a good cause. I have many things. You’d be surprised how many autographed photos I have of movie stars. I have tons of stuff that they sent me over the years or when they were here for the festival and wrote a lot of autographs, like Regis (Philbin) and different people like that who came. They signed everything when they were here, so I have a lot of stuff.

“I’m happy to use it for something positive like that, because we wanted to erect a statue from day one. When we started the festival in 1996, Dom Mucci (former mayor of Steubenville) and I wanted to erect a statue. Well, we couldn’t find the money, so we helped paint the mural.” Angelica said, referring to the Dean Martin mural on the side of the Kroger store in downtown Hollywood.

Festival money also helped secure the bronze marker at the fort, according to Angelica, who retired as festival president after Martin’s 100th birthday in 2017 to work on her own music and moved to Florida. . Award-winning country music host Angelica said she was “to keep a low profile” since the pandemic, which forced the cancellation of the shows and festivals where she was to perform. She said she’ll be staying in the area until October, when it’s time to perform at key festivals in Branson, Mo., and Nashville.

The former Mingo Junction resident was contacted earlier this year to be part of the statue effort by former Steubenville resident Gerald Ravasio of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, who originated the idea. and Flora VerStraten-Merrin, media chair of the committee that Ravasio chairs. . This led to Zoom meetings with other committee members, including Steubenville Mayor Jerry Barilla; Paul Zuros, executive director of Historic Fort Steuben; Mary Ann Freeze, owner of Prodigal Daughter Treasures and Trinkets in downtown Steubenville; Willie Paul, Councilor for the 5th Ward of Steubenville; and volunteers Linda and Roger Hilty. Angelica, who chaired the Dean Martin Festival committee and scholarship fund for 21 years, and Jo Jo DiAlbert, owner of the Spot Bar where Dean Martin Festival events have been a staple, are advisers.

“We decided to search through my collection” Angelica spoke about the auction that will be conducted by Cedar One Realty. “I said listen, I have a lot of stuff, and I’d be happy to donate it to the statue because it’s a project we wanted to do from day one, and we never did. , so I’m happy to use it for something positive for Dino, and most of that stuff is Dino stuff, I have autographs from other stars and stuff from friends of his and people who l really liked it, but I got some really great stuff, rare stuff, and I think people will like it, you know buy it, and they can enjoy it now, because I’ve been enjoying it for 25 years , and now it’s their turn.

One of those estimated 50 items is a Dean Martin box set of every song he ever recorded on CD.

“It’s with a beautiful book, and it’s a really rare piece,” said Angelique. “They only made a few hundred, and I put them up for auction. The original cost was probably $500 when it first came out, and they didn’t push a lot of them because it was so expensive. I was lucky to receive one which will therefore be auctioned, it’s special.

“We have the famous ‘Ocean’s 11’ poster signed by Sid Avery, the photographer who took the picture.” she says. “He was the Hollywood photographer at the time. He was very famous in Hollywood, and the first two years we started the festival, he personally sent me a bunch of these autographed posters that he signed from “Ocean’s 11”, that famous pose of all the guys (Rat Pack), and the framed California and Vegas ones sell for $2,000 each because he’s since died and a photographer’s work is of the art.

“It’s a beautiful room. It’s on good paper, real thick paper, and it’s just beautiful, and I’m going to put 10 of them, and I hope to make a lot of money with that, and then I have 10 each from Dean Martin / Frank Sinatra lithographs given to me by an artist years ago, we never sold them. They were sitting in my basement, and there’s only 295 each, and they’re all numbered, so I’m going to put 10 each. They are very beautiful pieces, they are framed, they are beautiful”, she added.

“We have the Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts, the complete set of 57 roasts,” Angelique continued. “When they aired them on TV, they were $10 each, which is $570 worth of film right there. I have all of them. They’re all in a really nice box with a book, and it’s really a great collection if you like collecting that stuff or just looking at it again. It’s hilarious entertainment – really funny.

“And I have some of Dean Martin’s shows on DVD for sale, and sheet music of some of his greatest hits, stills from movies that they used to put up in theater windows and everything. bunch of NBC Studios photos of his show and on the back of them is a typed synopsis of who’s there with him and what the show was about” she says.

The auction is for fans, collectors, or anyone interested in seeing an erected statue of the artist who was born as Dino Crocetti in Steubenville on June 7, 1917. Angelica anticipates attendees will include Pittsburgh residents and from Cleveland who have come to the festival over the years. .

“There are collectors out there” she says.

“I think we have a good chance of raising $5,000 to $10,000,” Angelica estimated the auction’s potential. Only cash and checks will be accepted.

“Hopefully we can fundraise and make it happen. He has a lot of fans. People don’t realize how great this guy was. she says.

Angelica said there are no statues of Dean Martin except for one in Las Vegas at the country club where he used to golf.

“Hoboken (NJ) put one up for Frank Sinatra last year, Canonsburg has one for Perry Como, and Hopalong Cassidy has one in Cambridge, so it’s fitting that Dino gets his statue,” said Angelique.

“It should have been done a long time ago” she says.

“We invite everyone to come down. Free entry. We would like to see people at all events. she says of the general celebration of Dean Martin which runs from today to Saturday.

Donations to the statue can be accepted in several ways. Online payment (Paypal/credit card) is available on oldfortsteuben.com and by selecting make a donation. Scroll down and select/click “Statue of Dean Martin” and donate, or send a check to Historic Fort Steuben, 120 S. Third St., Steubenville, OH 43952. Make checks payable to Old Fort Steuben Inc. with “Statue of Dean Martin” in the memo line. The committee will be accepting cash donations at Dean Martin’s hometown celebration on Friday and Saturday. He will have a booth at Fort Steuben Park.

Any organization, business or group interested in donating $1,000 or more for the bronze statue can contact Zuros at the Visitor Center. Those who donate $1,000 or more will have a paving stone installed with their name/business/organization name on the paving stone where the statue will be located.

A Facebook group has been created to promote the project and raise funds, according to VerStraten-Merrin, its administrator. It can be found at the Dean Martin Hometown Statue (Fundraiser).

Martin’s statue will be life-size, 6 feet tall, and expected to be a similar pose to the downtown Hollywood mural.

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