Each year, KYSS-FM hosts a special fundraiser called KYSSMAS for Kids to provide underprivileged children in western Montana with gift cards they can spend however they see fit.

On Friday, December 3, unsure of how fundraising would go over the course of a COVID year, Smith and Nelson opened their microphones to begin fundraising, with help from Dale Moore.

Townsquare Media’s Digital Campaign Manager Trina McDonald provided background information on the annual fundraising effort.

“Christmas is obviously about children,” said McDonald. “It’s about helping the kids in our community by making sure they have a little something for them via a gift card basically so they can go ahead, shop and go. buy whatever they need. “

McDonald said that various community groups are providing names of children who qualify to receive the gift cards.

“We have a lot of kids who have almost nothing at all and in fact some of them are homeless, so it’s a big help for them to be included,” she said. “And so any amount that we get will obviously be of use to these kids, but this year we’ve been able to kick our boots up and really go out there and help more kids than I was able to do. was waiting. “

McDonald said that as the day wore on, more individuals and groups came forward to donate, despite the COVID pandemic.

“At the end of the day, we had several very large donations,” she said. “We had groups that came and brought us money that they told the employees about and they actually just put money into the kitty and put it back. So we still have our really loyal people who donate every year, and they pretty much save us. “

McDonald’s provided the final tally of children who will receive gift cards this Christmas.

“This year we have 513 children on our list,” she said. “Right now it’s $ 30,485. We have another very important sponsorship check delivered today. So in fact, it’s going to be $ 1,000 more in the pot. So I think we’re going to be able to make $ 60 gift cards for all the kids. The cumulative total over 10 years is $ 315,185, and it is truly amazing.

In the past, all children would come to a store early before opening hours to shop, however, due to COVID issues, each sponsoring group will take their own group of children for Christmas shopping.

KGVO and all of the Townsquare Media stations in Missoula applaud all the hard work and planning that goes into KYSSMAS for Kids every year, and a big thank you to everyone who has donated to help the kids.

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