YOU don’t have to splash around if you want to stay cool this summer because Lidl sells a 10ft pool – and it’s cheaper than B&Q and Argos.

Buyers can get the Bestway Fast Set Fill and Rise pool for just £55.


The swimming pool is for sale at Lidl and has a capacity of 3,800 litersCredit: Lidl

It’s cheaper at Lidl than at other well-known sellers, including B&Q.

B&Q sells the same pool for £82, so you can save £27 if you shop at Lidl.

Neither Lidl nor B&Q offer home delivery of the product.

And a similar 10ft pool is on sale at Argos for £85 – meaning you could save £30 if you go to the discount supermarket.

Argos currently charges home delivery from £2.95 for its Polygroup Summer Waves 10ft speed paddling pool.

Bestway’s pool is easy to set up – just lay it on flat ground, inflate the top ring, fill it with water and the pool will grow to its full size.

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At Lidl, it also comes with a two-year warranty and a pump and filter cartridge to ensure your water is clear and safe.

The pool has a capacity of 3,800 liters – but remember you have to be careful if you’re on a water meter, as filling the pools can cost a small fortune.

There are plenty of offers to be had at Lidl as part of their The supermarket has a range of offers on display in the central aisle – known as ‘the middle of Lidl’.

But when the offers are gone, that’s it – they don’t come back. It is therefore worth checking whether the pool is in stock before going to a store.

You can call your nearest store to check if they have the pool. This tool can be used to find your nearest store.

Always be sure to shop around. You can use Google’s shopping finder or price comparison websites like Idealo.

There are places online where you can buy similar models for even less.

Amazon is currently selling the pool for £44.09 and a website called The DennyShop is selling a Bestway Fast Set pool for £42.99.

Amazon was selling the pool for £49.99, but it’s currently on sale for 12%.

This pool is the same size as the one sold at Lidl but doesn’t come with the same features – like a pump. It comes with an installation DVD.

The pool sold at The DennyShop is also the same size, but does not come with a filter pump.

You should also think about what other similar products are on sale.

For example, B&M sells a 10ft Staycation Quick Set pool for £38.

Another thing to remember is that inflatable pools can be expensive to fill for some people.

The amount will depend on the size of the pool and how you pay your water bill.

It could cost you if you use a water meter – that’s because you’re paying for the water you use.

A pool of around 3,000 liters would cost you just over £10 to fill.

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One way to cut costs is to avoid refilling your pool repeatedly.

You can buy sterilizing liquid or use a filter to make sure your water is clean and safe for swimming.