Wow. The end of an era. The iconic Mastoris Diner & Restaurant on Route 130 in Bordentown has definitively closed its doors according to a Facebook announcement.

It makes me so sad. I have been there for breakfast as a kid, and throughout my life more times than I can count. It was the perfect place to spend the night after the party.

It was where my family waited an hour for a table to celebrate Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and everything because it tasted so good. My son’s baptism party was there.

Plus, I’m sure I’m not the only one to say that I loved, loved, loved cinnamon bread and cheese bread. So many memories. I’m sorry to see him go.

If you ask some customers, they’ll tell you it hasn’t been the same since the Mastoris family sold the restaurant in 2020. Many have said it has gone downhill. But, I still think tons of people are going to miss it.

In August, I told you about the Mastoris family’s new restaurant in Bucks County. Click here for details.

According to the announcement, the final closure is due in part to the pandemic and its effects on the restaurant industry. There are also other projects underway for this space … a bar-restaurant in the future, they say. Interesting.

There is already a bar / restaurant right in front of the parking lot.

“We know this will be difficult news for many community members who viewed Mastoris as more than just their local restaurant; it was a place to get together with friends and neighbors, visit your favorite waiter or bartender, share a meal with loved ones, celebrate life’s great moments or take home a cake for an important family celebration . Like us, we hope that your memories at Mastoris will bring you a lot of comfort in the days to come “, we can read in part in the announcement.

I’ll let you know when I know more about the new facility.

Thanks for the Mastoris memories.

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