The Microsoft Store is announcing a new giveaway that includes a Top Gun: Maverick-themed Xbox Series S console, controller, and airmen.

With Paramount Pictures’ Top Gun: Maverick moving from theaters to households this week, some fans are seeing the hugely popular film for the first time, and Microsoft is celebrating the film through a theme Xbox series S console gift. This Top Gun: Maverick The Xbox Series S features cosmetics that would look familiar from the movie and comes with an equally unique controller and a pair of fashionable aviators.

Top Gun: Maverick is the most successful picture at the box office of that year to date, and it became Paramount’s highest-grossing film ahead of its DVD and digital releases. Confirming the Xbox Series S giveaway on the Microsoft Store’s Twitter account, Microsoft added some common stipulations in such contests on how Xbox fans can enter the giveaway for the console. This custom Xbox Series S is similar to others offered by Microsoft in the past, such as the star wars, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtlesand elder scrolls online– themed consoles, only it is appropriately styled to reflect Top Gun: Maverick for the lucky Twitter user who wins it.


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The Top Gun: Maverick The Xbox Series S comes with an incredible controller that has the Superior gun logo on it in addition to numerous lights and dials that would look familiar inside the cockpit of a Super Hornet fighter jet like the one used in the film. The Xbox fan who wins the giveaway will also be able to mirror the character of Tom Cruise Maverick while playing with their new Xbox Series S, as the pack also includes custom airmen. Like other Xbox Series S consoles, this Top Gun: Maverick unit will also have three months of Xbox Game Pass, which will unlock access to Microsoft Flight Simulator and his maverick expansion for console winner.

To enter the Microsoft competition for the Top Gun: Maverick Xbox Series S Bundle, fans must be 18 years of age or older and a legal resident of any country or region supported by the Xbox console. Unlike the traditionally white Xbox Series S, the Top Gun: Maverick– the theme is a shade of brown similar to Tom Cruise’s flight in the movie and the movie logo sits near the bottom of the standing console. The vent circle on the Top Gun: Maverick The Xbox Series S features a design like Tom Cruise’s helmet in the movie above what appears to be a visor reflecting the golden evening sun that adorned many movie posters.

While most responses to Microsoft requests Top Gun: Maverick Xbox Series S expresses excitement for the giveaway and more hashtags beyond the one required to enter the giveaway, two Twitter users also thanked Microsoft for the opportunity to win the console.

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